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updated: Oct 7th 2007 @ 08:42 AM
 Boss 330 Racing 4.6 V8 Engine 
400+ HP still braking in soon
Dyno Numbers
 Tuff Stuff Chrome Alternator
 Steeda Boost Pipe
Vortech V2-SQ
Dragon Permaster Coating Plenum
Team Bread Valve Covers 
Steeda Polished Alternator Bracket
    Dragon High Flow 75MM Throttle Body  
Steeda Polished Fuse Box Cover
Steeda Oil Cap Cover
Steeda Intake Spacer
   Steeda Radiator Cover   
       Canton Over Fill Tank
Canton Power Steering Tank        
 RPM Outlet Radiator Cap Cover and Steeda Outlet Tube      
Steeda Brake Fluid Cap
   Steeda Oil Cap Cover
 UPR EGR Cap Cover
Chome Radiator Hose Sleve  
Blower steel breaded Hose Sleve
Steeda Chrome Hood Prop 
XCalibrator 2 and SF Flash Tuners
Fluidyne Radiator 
 Ford Racing PI Intake
 BTI Intercooler
 Engine Internals
New Romeo block
Cast crank
Manley H beam rods   
Custom Diamond pistons
Mahle rings
ARP main studs
  ARP head studs
  FM main brgs
  FM rod brgs
 Motorsport oil pump 
  Comp billet cams
  Manley springs    
Chain guides      
  Tensioner arms
  New Motorsport PI heads
  Gaskets, main seals
  Plate hone block, Balance crank
Port and polish
Windage tray
New Ford Racing Intake Manifold
New Engine Mounts
First Dyno Tune ran out of fuel, next dual high flow pumps, 8 rib vortech pully system witha 3.33 blower pully, and the intercooler installed 416 now 500 HP next.


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Last 3 User Comments
Feb 3rd, 2010 @ 12:29 PM


Amazing Steeda car Luis!!!  I've never seen one of them here in Oklahoma.  Very Unique.  Gave you a 10.  Thanks for ranking mine. 


Jan 1st, 2010 @ 6:26 PM


Sorry it took so long to get back to rank ya. That is one of the nicest Steeda Stangs I ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Dec 31st, 2009 @ 9:22 PM

“” Add Comment NICE STANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

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