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Meet my Cobra!

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Okay, here is the lowdown on this '99 Cobra Vert.
She was assembled at the Dearborn Assembly Plant on March 24, 1999. She is #488 of 4,055.

I bought this car back in February 2005 in Michigan (Via EBAY). I was so excited as my wife drove me from Southern Illinois to St. Louis, where I caught a plane to Pontiac. The ride home was sweeeet, but I babied her since I didn't know how her maintenance records were. Lucky for me, I had the dealership throw in a 3 month warranty; because 1 mile from my house (after over 800 miles) the car tossed a timing chain through the valve cover.
Long story short, the car has since been rebuilt with a 302 stroker kit, Diablo Chip, MGW short throw shifter (Cobra-Bob Gaskets), Bassani Mid-length headers, Bassani -Pipes (catted), Magnaflow cat-back exhaust, Redline Hood-lift supports, wheels from a 2004 Cobra (and stock tires), Cobra grill emblem, Billet Pedals, Steeda Power Pullys, Timing adjuster, Mac Cold air intake a BBk 65mm Throttle body, Ford Racing gears (3.73) and all fluids are Royal Purple.
I'm currently awaiting my turn on the dyno so I can report some numbers.
So, this Cobra is back from the dead. What'ya think?

1999 Triple Black Vert

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305 Stroker with Power Pulleys

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2003 Cobra Wheels and Tires

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MGW Short Throw Shifter

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Mac Cold Air Intake

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Jun 20th, 2008 @ 5:26 AM


great car!!got ranked.

Nov 17th, 2007 @ 8:31 PM


got ya ranked. stop by and check out my GT, and return the favor

Sinister Stang
May 8th, 2007 @ 10:24 PM


Sweet Snake, ranked you a 10.

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