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Once and Future Mods

updated: Aug 1st 2006 @ 08:24 PM
All mods are being decided on under the qualification of Daily Driver.
Some goals have changed. Now the goal is 285 Ftlb torque. Street torque is my goal there. More on that later.

Near Future Mods:
(not necessarily in this order)

Ford "B" Spings - I chose the "B"'s because I feel that the "C" are too stiff for the 3.8's weight in a daily driver. Plus I want to just close the fender to tire gap just a little.

A "Y" back 3" single exhaust. I've been thinking of a Spintech muffler (I like the sound) I chose the 3" single in that it flows just a bit less that 2 1/4" duals, and as I don't care about having tips showing, I plan to have the pipe turned down and tucked up behind the bumper cover.

Gears and a T-lok- A must as we all know. I'm looking at 3.45s. A compromise.

The last near future mod I plan and will probably be the first, is the TwEECer RT module and software. This way I can make the changes to my comp, and not have to wait on anyone to reflash a chip. Also the RT model will allow me to sample real time data as I drive.

These are my plans at the moment. Time frame is before years end.
UPdate as of 8/1/2006:
"C" Springs / KYB GR2s:  Rethought about having progressives up front. Springs installed with KYB GR2s.Love the feel the combo gives of the road. Worlds of difference between the original springs/ shocks and the new.
To look at her, you don't see much change in the way of ride height . If you don't know what you're looking for, she looks like I think she should have straight from the factory.

Other mods at the moment:
ASP 25% UDP - All I can say is Wow! The throttle response is much improved. I also benefited from a 1.5 mpg increase after this mod. Currently I'm averaging 28.6 on the freeway.
Steeda Triax - I recommend a shifter be one of the first things a manual car owner does. Doesn't matter which, just so long as it has positive stops. Not having to worry about over shifting and stressing the forks is nice. And a more positive feel doesn't hurt.
Strut Tower Brace: Frist mod I did to the car and what a difference tieing the strut towers together made in her handling.
Rear Seat Delete:  I like the weight reduction and the excuse of only taking one other person with me.
Parts I have waiting for install:
Ford Racing: M-3130-R00 tie rod ends
                   M-3075-D A arms
Granitelli weight jacker LCAs - want to be able to level the ride height without cutting the springs
2000 17" mustang rims - want to get the rest of the supension done first. The cherry on top so to speak.
1/2 phenolic intake spacer on the way. Hope I don't have clearence issues with the tower brace, but I have an idea if I do.
Upper and Lower intake manifolds - just need to find a place local to port them. nothing fancy, just gasket matching.
That's about it for this time around. As I originally stated mods are slow in coming, but will happen.

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