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How i clean

updated: Jul 3rd 2005 @ 09:46 PM
This is how i cleaned the car on the First page:
1st: i sprayed the rest of the bottle of Eagle 1 wheel cleaner into my wheel welds (iam not using the wheel cleaner anymore, so i might as well waste the rest of it into the wheel welds)
2nd: I spray down the car with the hose and spray out the wheel welds to clean out the wheel cleaner that was sprayed on them.
3rd: I washed the whole car with Turtle Wax car soap that i bought from Cosco. It was so cheap and it had so much soap. (it was like one of those value pack things)
4th: Making sure every single bug and tar spot was cleaned off the front bumper (this probly took 30 minutes)
5th: All glass was cleaned with Eagle 1's 20 20 glass cleaner. It has been 2 years sense I have cleaned that glass. And iam very pleased on how crystal clear my glass now looks. I even used the Eagle 1's 20 20 on the Headlights and Taillights (hoping neither headlights or taillights will fog soon)
6th: I bought some Armoral all spray. THE VALUE BOTTLE. Yes I know Iam cheap. but the Orginal forumal Armoral Value pack was the same price as the Regular bottle Ultra Shine forumal. With the Armoral I sprayed it on a towel and i whiped everything I saw black on the outside of the car(wheels, the thing under the windshield whiper, the black part of the side mirrors) INcluding my rubbery Antenna.
7th: Metal cleaner... First time I have used it. And it smells just like Braso.... and all the metal cleaners are also contained in an Aluminum container just like braso... I bet this thing is basicaly braso. I ended up buying Eagle 1's Never-Dull metal polish (sense I have so much Eagle 1 products already) I cleaned both the side horses, the front pony, the wheels, and the Exaust tips with the metal polish. Let me tell ya... it made these things mirror shinny. And the thing is... Most of the metal I cleaned didn't even look DIRTY!!! and the cotton wad had so much black and nasty stuff after I used it to clean all these metal parts. (does require some elbow greese)

after the day was over my whole back and shoulders was red... and IT SUCKED when i woke up the next morning.

heres all the products i used

[ click to enlarge ]

heres a pic of the oil filter i used too. sinse i was so bored i had nothing else to take a picture of.

[ click to enlarge ]

I just found that oil filter odd because i usualy use Motorcraft, but my dad just picked this one up for me. Iam surprised at it because he bought one for a Honda too and it was made in Mexico, the STP my dad got me was made in the USA. I hope it doesn't mess my car up, that iam not using motorcraft oil filter.

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