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Engine Pics

updated: May 16th 2005 @ 11:29 AM
Here are a few engine pics with the MAC intake and the decals.

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Pics of the Decals

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Last 3 User Comments
May 23rd, 2009 @ 10:19 PM


Very nice!! I have a supercharged 2002 GT and am also in NY. You should definitely check out NewYorkMustangs.com

Jul 25th, 2008 @ 1:20 PM


Cool website. Be carefull with the window tinting. I don't know what the laws are in New York but In Missouri the driver and passenger side windows can only be 35% plus or minus 3%, then all other windows you can go as dark as you want except for the front windshield. So just be carefull and do your homework like I did before you tint the windows. I'm just looking out for ya. Come by and check out my website.


May 3rd, 2008 @ 9:51 PM


got ya ranked. stop by and check out 03 GT when you get a chance.

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