GSM# 000389
Steeda GT



01' GT (sold)

updated: Nov 19th 2012 @ 09:20 PM
2001 Mustang GT
(Owned 10/04 - 10/06

List of Mods
-Steeda White face gauges
-Steeda A/C knobs
-Steeda Cigarette Lighter
-Steeda Headlight knob
-Steeda Pedals
-Steeda Floor mats
-Steeda Shifter knob
-Steeda Shifter bezel
-Steeda Shifter handle
-Steeda E-Brake handle
-UPR Coin delete
-UPR Front cup holder
-UPR Rear cup holder

-Mach 1 Chin spoiler
-Mach 1 Grill delete
-Mach 1 Hood
-Mach 1 Shaker
-03/04 Cobra Rockers
-03/04 Cobra Spoiler
-Euro Diamond foglights
-Hyper White headlights
-Hyper White foglights
-35% Window tint

-Mobil 1 5W-30
-Mobil 1 Filter M1-210
-Steeda Oil cap
-Steeda Radiator cap
-Steeda Intake cover
-Mach 1 C&L Filter System
-C&L GT Intake inlet pipe
-Magnaflow Cat Back

Suspension & Braking
-Steeda Bumpsteer kit
-Steeda X2-Balljoints
-Steeda Camber/Caster kit
-Steeda Offset rack bushings
-Steeda Swaybar endlinks
-Steeda Tokico HP shocks
-Steeda Russell S/S Brake lines
-Steeda Speed brake bleeders
-Mach 1 13" Calipers
-Brembo Slotted/C/D Rotors
-Eibach Sportline springs

Wheels & Tires
-BF Goodrich KDWIIs
---275/35/18 Front
---295/35/18 Rear
-Saleen Replicas 18x9 Front
-Saleen Replicas 18x10 Rear
-Saleen Center caps
-Lots of Zaino
Older pics
03/04 Cobra Rockers with GT wing
03/04 Cobra rocker panels with GT wing
295/35/18s & 275/35/18
285/35/18s & 265/35/18s with Steeda wing
Wheel & Breaks
On the inside
Under the hood

Gotta love Zaino


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Jul 27th, 2009 @ 9:41 PM

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Replying to:

Very nice ROUSH... is it authentic? Nice Foose rims too! How bout a few more pics??

Thank! It is an actual Roush. Where did you get the plaque under the hood? That is so cool!

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I ordered the plaque from a gentleman on eBay.


you could also order a "custom" dash plaque from this site. I plan on getting a ROUSH dash plaque in color from them.




Jul 23rd, 2009 @ 10:37 PM

“” Very nice ROUSH... is it authentic? Nice Foose rims too! How bout a few more pics??

Mar 31st, 2009 @ 6:38 AM


Thanx for the ranx...a dime for your time

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