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updated: Aug 23rd 2006 @ 09:00 PM
started out the 2006 season as a N/A 1995 v6 mustang with a mac CAI and UD pully
turned it into a ported heads ported intakes 42# injectors double roller timing chain and gears lightning maf  and a p1-sc procharger
that lasted a matter of 25min. of driving and then spun a bearing and cracked a valve
now its a procharged splitport powered v6 mustang hitting 13Psi
hope you enjoy
1995 V6 5Speed  Mods List 
mac shorty headers
2.5 duals exaust with 40 series flowmasters
100 shot of NX
procharger P1-SC(intercooled with custom piping)
30# injectors
ford windstar upper intake
split port engine swap
ported split port heads
maf calibrated for 30# injectors
Solid motor and tranny mounts 
double roller timing chain and gears 
17" bullets rolling on 275/40's
Cobra RR hood 
spoiler delete
cobra front Bumper
clear marker lights
pissing on honda sticker(gotta love it)
bullet shifter trim bezel
autometer guage bezel with 2   2 1/16 gauges
autometer clock pod with  2  2 1/16 gauges
autometer---Boost/vac. , a/f , water , and oil temp guages
jvc head unit with ma audio 10" competition sub pushed by a 1200w legacy amp also mach 460 system
mach 460 upgrade
triax shifter
CarbonFiber Door bezels
25% tint on all windows
complete interior from a 2000 GT with Black leather

strut brace
lower x brace
full length sub frame connectors
ford C springs
tokico adj. shocks(rear)
tokico blue struts
kenny brown CC plates
bump steer kit 
7.5 rear end with 373 gears and a ford racing TLok 

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Last 3 User Comments
Pinto Beast
Nov 27th, 2009 @ 10:52 AM


nice set up, got you ranked

Jun 28th, 2009 @ 11:22 PM


Thanks to all who gave me advise on what to do with the sensor. Apparently it worked. The check engine light has not come on at all. I even bought the Chilton Manual to make sure I did everything right. Thanks everyone.


Jun 22nd, 2009 @ 12:43 PM

Replying to:

Hey Fro,

I need some help with a little problem I have. My check engine light came on, and I ran diagnostics on it and it came back with P0401. So I replaced the EGR Valve and found out that wasn't the problem. Now I get a P0402 and I think I have it narrowed down to the pressure sensor but I need some one to confirm that for me. What do you think?


If you've already done the EGR valve, the DPFE pressure sensor is the next likely culprit

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