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VMP Tuning
The 1997 V6:

The 1998 GT: 
The 2001 GT:




The 2004 Cobra:



I have had my 1997 V6 since I turned 16. In just 3 short years this stang has gone from a lost cause to a constant show stopper. My stang has entered many shows and has never failed to place.
Some its best wins are as follows:
Fun Ford Weekend in Commerce, GA
-Top 25
Carl Black GMC car show
-Best Street Machine
Wills Park car show
-Top 20
Mustang Club of America Mall at Stonecrest car show
-3rd Place for 94-98 Mustangs
Champs BBQ car show
-Top 20
Kennesaw Festival Car Show
-Top 25 cars
Hooters Fall Car Show
-Top 10 Contemporary Cars and Trucks 78-present
Hooters Winter Car Show
-Top 10 Contemporary Cars and Trucks 78-present
V6 Ford Challenge in Gainesville, Florida
- Best In Show
Southeastern Saleen Nationals
-1st place for 94-98 Mustangs

Also, as well as being my daily driver and a show car, my Mustang is also my track car. I have gone to only a few of the V6 Mustang organized events, and thus far I have done well:
-V6 Ford Challege in Steele, Alabama 2004
2nd place in the open competition bracket class
-V6 Ford Challege in Gainesville, Florida 2005
3rd place in the open competition bracket class
-V6 Ford Challenge in Cecil, Georgia 2006
made the quarterfinals
-V6 Ford Challege in Cecil, Georgia 2007
3rd place in the open competition bracket class

Performance mods are as follows:
Super Six Motorsports 1999-2001 ported and polished lower intake
Super Six Motorsports 1999-2004 Stage 2+ ported and polished heads
Super Six Motorsports 210/220 cam with 110 lobe
Super Six Motorsports 1.73 adjustable roller rockers
Super Six Motorsports M112 intake adaptor *not available for sale yet*
2003-2004 Cobra M112 supercharger
2003-2004 Cobra BBK CAI
2003-2004 Cobra plenum
2003-2004 Cobra throttlebody
Lighting 90mm MAF
2003-2004 Cobra 39lb injectors
MSD 8.5mm red spark plug wires
8.8 rear
Ford Racing 3.73:1 gear
Flowmaster 40 series 2.5" true dual exhaust
Magnaflow highflow catalytic converters
BBK cold air intake
Walbro 190lph fuel pump
B&M Hammer shifter
350RWHP 361 RWTQ

Exhaust Vid:


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Pinto Beast
Nov 27th, 2009 @ 10:59 AM


Every one knows that V6's suck!

Nov 25th, 2008 @ 3:43 PM


hey bro you got a nice mustang , you should check out mine and tell me what can i do to my mustang.

Feb 11th, 2008 @ 4:50 AM


got ya ranked.great looking stang. plz return the fav.

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