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-July 12th, 2005
I just got my Mustang back from the tint shop and boy does it look good. I decided on 20% tint all around because 30% was too light and 15% was too dark.

-July 16th, 2005
-Went and mounted and balanced the tires myself today. Kumho 255/45/18's all around. I've decided to switch the rear bumper to the correct Saleen style for my year and change my taillights back to stock.

-July 25th, 2005
-I just ordered more goodies from Mustangs Unlimited. I ordered a driveshaft safety loop, a Autometer Phantom Boost gauge, a Autometer Phantom Oil pressure gauge, and a Autometer Phantom Water Pressure gauge. I also just purchased a 3 gauge A pillar pod from Speedhut. As soon as the stuff gets in, it's going on the stang...for safety purposes of course.

-July 27th, 2005
-I just got off the phone with Ton Yentzer at Super Six Motorsports. I ended up ordering the Super Six Motorsports 99+ Stage 2+ ported and polished heads, a Super Six Motorsports 214/220 cam with 110 lobe, and Super Six Motorsports 1.73 adjustable roller rockers.

-August 3rd, 2005
-Today I ordered a urethane Saleen style bumper from Dan at Mr. Bodykit. He was very helpful over the phone and answered all the questions that I had. Hopefully the bumper will be here soon as well as the tail lights so that they can be painted and on before my birthday on August 17th.

-September 11th, 2005
-Today I finally got around to taking pictures of the newly improved stang. The saleen rear was a pain in the butt to install and paint, but it was worth it in the end, IMO. Also, I put in a set of stock taillights because I am seeing way too many euros here around Atlanta. I also just recieved my Super Six Motorsports Stage 2+ heads, Super Six Motorsports cam, and Super Six Motorsports roller rockers. Unfortunatly I won't have it installed before the V6 Ford Challenge in Florida, but I'll have it all in eventually. Enjoy the new pics on the main page.

-October 13th, 2005
-Today I was told that my car had been busted into down in the student parking lot at college. I went down and to my dismay me car was the unwilling victem of vandalization. I filed a police report and it looks like there is about $6,000 in damages. I'll keep this page updated.

-October 15th, 2005
-I had an estimate done today for the damages to the stang. The total came to $5,682.63. I'm waiting to hear back from the insurance company as to whether or not I will be able to fix it myself.

-November 10th, 2005
-Today I finally got a check from the insurance company. I expected it to be around $4,500-$5,000 but to my utter disappointment it was only $2,300. Oh well, I will do what I can with what they sent me.

-November 13th, 2005
-I droped the stang off with a friend that is going to do all of the work to fix the stang plus a few custom touches for only $1,100 and he instrusted me that I should be able to pick up the stang in 2 weeks maximum. I'm excited.

-December 9th, 2005
-The stang is still not done yet so I am taking it from my friend and doing it all myself while I am on Christmas break from college. I am very very disappointed that the work was not completed in time. I' am just hoping for the best at this point.

-December 28th, 2005
-Finally some good news! PPG has heard about all of the issues that I have had with my car (not enough room here to explain all of it) and why I am working on it. They offered me a full sponsorship and they are shipping out all the painting supplies, primer, clear, and paint this week to me. I can't wait to get this project done!

-January 10th, 2006
-The stang is out of paint and I'll be putting it back together this weekend. Here is a rundown of everthing that was done to it: Full paintjob with PPG laser red paint, shaved antenna, shaved doorlocks, shaved front fender emblems, shaved rear trunk lid, molded sidescoops, molded side skirts, molded door fillers, painted Bullitt fuel door, and installed a hidden antenna.

-January 14th, 2006
-A new year, and a new beginning. My dad, my roommate, and myself spent all of last night and all of this morning working on getting the Mustang put back together. Then we took it over to Modular Powerhouse for dyno day. Needless to say it got a lot of attention. I can't wait to install the rest of my goodies and show it at Fun Ford Weekend in March. I will have new pics up as soon as I can wetsand the entire car.
-August 14th, 2006
-Today I installed the new Blue Oval Industries smoked headlights and smoked corners as well as the new Eibach front springs. It looks so much better and the stance is quite a bit lower than the C springs.
-August 15th, 2006
-Well, today a technician at work backed into the stang and claimed it wasn't his fault. The customers F150 that he hit my stang with is already in the bodyshop and the dealership refuses to fix my Mustang despite it clearly being the dealerships fault. Looks like it's going to sit in the garage till I can get it fixed.
-September 24th, 2006
-Today I picked up a new stang to hold me over till I can get the red V6 fixed. It's a 2001 Mineral Grey GT 5speed. I picked it up for a measly $100 from one of the shops that I work at and have already ordered the parts that I need to fix it (only a clutch and flywheel assembly). I should have it in perfect running order no time soon.
-September 30th, 2006
-Today my friend Andrew dropped off some vynil overlays for the GT. I installed the 3rd brakelight blackout vynil, black MUSTANG inserts, the black trunk panel vynil, the black side reflector vynils, and the black lower valance vynil. I think these items coupled with the spoiler that I had painted the same color as the Mach1's give it a very agressive look.
-October 12th, 2006
-Today my roommate and I went home from college to start the teardown of the V6 engine. Hopefully the splitport swap will go smoothly and we won't have too many hassles.
-October 22nd, 2006
-Well, today the AC compresor clutch took a dump, so my dad and I went to Mustangs Unlimited and picked up a AC delete.
-December 15th, 2006
-Today my dad and I started on the Splitport swap. We got a good bit done, but it looks like we are missing a few parts. I ordered what we need and we should be done in a few days.
-December 30th, 2006
-The splitport swap is complete and it runs! Man this thing sounds good with the cam in it. I go to Modular Powerhouse next week for a tune. In addition to the new engine parts, I installed 17x8 and 17x10.5 black deepdish bullitt's with 245/45 Goodyear's up front and 315/35 Summitto's out back. I also took off the Saleen wing and put a Steeda race wing painted Mach1 matte black in its place.
-January 6th, 2007
-Just got back from Modular Powerhouse and the stang made some good power with the mods that we added. With only the heads, very mild cam, and ported intakes it made 197rwhp and 202rwtq.
-January 20th, 2007
-Well, bought a Vortech V2 supercharger kit for the GT since it was starting to feel a bit slow. All I need to complete the kit is 42lb injectors, Focus fuel pump, 90mm Lightning MAF, and a tune from Modular Powerhouse.
-February 2nd, 2006
-Got back from Modular Powerhouse today and the GT made 317rwhp/373rwtq with 10psi using only a 3.3 pulley and weld-in Flowmasters as the only mods.
-February 28th, 2007
-Tonight I picked up a sponsorship deal from www.autobadges.com. The owner, Erick Valdez, is a very nice guy and he runs a top notch company. If you need anything from him, let him know that mysteed sent ya.
-March 19th, 2007
-This weekend we completed the M112 supercharger installation. This is the first adaptor plate that SSM has made and it works like a charm. The install took a bit long due to some manufacture mixups, but all is well now. Next weekend I will have it dyno'd and we'll see what she makes.
-March 24th, 2007
-Well, we made the trip to Cecil, Georgia for the V6 Ford Challenge this year and today we had the oppertunity to have the V6 tuned by Justin Starsky with VMP Tuning (www.vmptuning.com) and I must say that he did a great job. There are still a few issues to be worked out and some things that need to be fixed but overall I'm very happy with the results. It put down 250rwhp and 296rwtq with only 10psi. Once we get the issues fixed we should be seeing closer to 350rwhp and 350rwtq. Also, Justin was nice enough to lend a hand with the car and is now an official sponsor for it. If you need any tuning he's the guy to go to.
-March 25th, 2007
-Today we were able to take the V6 down the track and man does this thing feel a lot better. It's best time was 13.91 @ 100.4mph on street tires. Once we get the bugs worked out and get the new tune in we should be able to run low 13's.
-September 13th, 2007
-Today I have made the announcement that I will be teaming with Super Six Motorsports to produce a M112 kit for the V6 Mustangs. I hope to be offering this to the V6 community as soon as late October of this year.

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