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Sad day in texas!

updated: Jan 6th 2005 @ 02:21 PM
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Full cat back exhaust
Off road x-pipe
Diablo Performance chip
RAM Heavy Duty Clutch
rpm set to: 7500
mph set to: 195
Stage 2 - 3 core intercooler ATI Procharger
42lb Injectors
Steeda Dual fuel pumps
Ram heavy duty clutch
4-10 gears
short throw shifter

Pioneer 6500 indash 6.5 inch dvd
6" Focal component set
5x7 alpine sps570a
x2 jbl 1200.1
jbl 180.2
jbl 80.4
x2 jl audio 12" w6v2
x2 stinger spm 8" cooling fans
Custom built sloted port box and custom built amp rack with fiber glassed switches.

so, there i am, leaving car toys after getting my rear deck speakers replaced, driving to bank of America to get the 50.00 i said id loan James..
I get the 50.00 from the ATM drive up to the QT U-turn and start heading toward James house.
i pass bank of America and discount tire, right when the set of apartments start this bitch in this big
F-150 or ram1500 i dont even remember now pulls right out infront of me, im cruisen in the middle lane at about 45mph
she pulls out and this is a big truck she should of known it wasn’t gonna do a sharp u-turn... Im about 3 cars behind her and i swerve into the
far left lane, it would have all been fine and dandy if she would of stayed in the middle lane, but of corse she was some young no driving fuckin women
and trys to turn back into the left lane right when im at her rear bumper.. (need i remind you she's talking on her cell phone..

We connect and bounce off with minimal damage but she panics and turns into me sharper and slames on the gas, after i get knocked around a little im leaning on my stearing
wheel making eye contact while shes flooring it and pushing me.. her drivers side rear wheel rolls over my hood and when the wheel well came back down it connected to my car.
(im on my breaks trying to stop this whole time) well of corse we would of came to a stop but since she panics she drags me about 50ft over a median
folding in both driver rear and front wheels, bending my rear axle into a horse shoe and folding my drivers side front tire like a pancake.

I try yanking the stearing wheel to get her off of me and this truck is just dragging me down this median like im a little rag doll or somones bitch.
i start seeing sparks flying in my passenger side window (i had both windows down) what that was from was when she gassed it her rear wheel started
welding its way threw my passenger door panel. finaly after about 50ft of her dragging me down Bryant Irving and over a median
she finds the breaks. Smoke is coming out of my crushed front end, my air bags are hanging out, and my horn is stuck on.
I just out of my car to run and see if she's ok, she has the doors locked and the windows up.. and shes going into shock.
panic city..

Her boy friend shows up about 10 mins later, they replace the blown tire on the truck and drive it home.. with my passenger side mirror wedged into there back of the truck.

im trying to make this as short as i can, but it all boils down to a no driving Mexican bitch on her cell phone totaled my car, i mean there’s nothing left, the front passenger side looks
like a sardine can, and my frame is more of a snake then a real one.

I always knew this would happen but i knew it would happen when im street racing, not driving to a friends house doin the speed limit and wearing my seat belt..
She walks away from it fine, i walk away from it when bad ass burn on my chin, knick on my elbow and a sprained arm from when i flew out of my seat and my shoulder hit the boost gauge..

So now im out of work for a few days and no sports car...

Just wait, the next car im getting is a big ass fuckin truck with a supercharger like no other, my truck will have 4 doors and 700RWHP min.

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Feb 16th, 2008 @ 8:02 PM


Feb 16th, 2008 @ 8:02 PM


got ya ranked. stop by and check out my GT when you get a chance, and return the favor

Mar 30th, 2007 @ 4:49 AM


Well, that was a nice Stang!!!  Ranked ya big in memoriam!!!  Hit me back when you get a chance!!!

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