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updated: May 7th 2005 @ 07:55 AM

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This is my current Pony that I have. The car is a 1987 Mustang Lx. The color is Midnight Blue and has Grey leather interior.The engine now consists of a fuel injected 351W. The car is a 5-spd. and has a Tremec TKO. The car is set up more to go fast then to win any car shows. But all in all it still looks pretty good going Fast.

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Car dynoed at 339 rwhp when on the dyno at Mustang Magic in Deerpark, NY. Could have been alittle bit higher but clutch was slipping on the car and had to abort after only 2 pulls.Hence the drastic drop off on the Tq. curve.Torque should be alittle higher. New clutch will be in shortly.

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This is mine and my friend Jeff's car out at LongIsland Dragway out in Westhampton before it closed down last season. My car has run as quick as 12.9 @ 110+ mph. The car has alot more in it, but have only made passes on reg. radial tires. Have never had a sticky tire on the car yet. Have to launch the car at minimal rpm's and ease her out of the hole. Best 60' time on reg. radials was a 2.0 , There is def. alot more in this car and should easily run in the low to mid 12's the way it sits now.

More Engine pics. and int. pics. comming soon...Just picked up a NOS kit that will be going on soon...Will post up the install pics. along the way...

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May 23rd, 2009 @ 10:34 PM


Great looking car man, real clean and done right. Ranked @ 10! I'm in New York too. There's a lot of us in the area, we go on cruises, car shows, track rentals, and more. Check out NYMustangs.com , we also get discounts off parts and diff well known speed shops.


Mar 6th, 2008 @ 9:33 PM


got ya ranked. when you get a chance stop by and check out my 03 GT.

Mar 7th, 2007 @ 3:38 PM


Ranked Ya!  Come check out my site and please rank me back.

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