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My Professional Writing Dossier

updated: Jul 21st 2006 @ 08:11 AM
I thought I would include this as a general interest page.
By profession, I am a technical writer, but I also do a lot of creative writing to keep myself stimulated and sane.  My poetry has been published in hundreds of small press and academic journals and magazines. I have written newspaper articles and the occasional book review. In 2003, I was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in Literature and in 2004, I received a Keith L. Ware Liberty Bell Award for excellence in journalism. And for any of you out there who enjoy the occasional read, the information below details some of the writing activites I'm currently involved in.
Main Street Rag Press www.mainstreetrag.com is about to put out my second chapbook of poems, entitled "No Shadow of Turning." This little collection of poetry is the consummation of much of my spiritual life. You won't find any Hallmark verse in these poems, nor teenage angst-ridden effusions, but poems that have been accepted in a number of well-respected literary journals across the United States. The book (I'm hoping) will be out before the close of the year.
I have cemented a relationship with Christian Motorsports Illustrated and have just completed my second article for its pages. Look for the new issue sometime in the Fall.

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