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How Do I setup my own got stang? Website?

How Do I setup my own got stang? Website?
1. On the GS menu bar click My GS, then click Edit Website.
2. Click Start Creating a Website for this car!
3. Click Page 1: Page 1 Description.
4. Enter the title for your page in the Page Description box.
5. Enter the text you want to display on the page.
6. To add pictures to your page, click the area of the page where you want to insert an image then click the image you want to insert.
7. Click the Insert Image button.
8. When you are done entering text and pictures click Save Page 1.
To upload images to your GS Photos:
1. Click Upload More Images to GotStang.
2. Click Browse for Files button.
3. Select as many images as you want to upload by holding the Ctrl button on your keyboard and clicking each image.
4. Click Open.
5. Click the Upload button.

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