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Fiberglass Subwoofer Enclosure (Pictures)
(How to Build a fiberglass subwoofer enclosure molded to the side of the trunk.)

Step 1: Supplies
Step 2: Making the Mold
Step 3: Mounting the MDF Ring
Step 4: Fleecing
Step 5: Making it Strong
Step 6: Before the Paint
Step 7: Preview

Making the Mold

The first step the the enclosure is to make the mold.

1. Tape and mask everything off with the plastic dropcloth.

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Just mask off about 3 inches farther than you plan to have the mold. Dont let any resin get on the cloth, it will stain and not come out.
I also used alum. foil to protect the trunk.

2. Compleatly cover the area where you want the subwoofer to go. Have an idea how you want it to turn out in the end and this process will go much faster.

3. Tear some pieces of Fiberglass mat about 3x3 and 6x6 inches and mix up some resin according to the directions in small batches no more than 4 ounces when it is warm outside. In the winter I use 6oz. bathes since it doesnt gel up as fast. It was 80 degrees on Dec 27th here so I ended up losing about 2oz. because it geled up.

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4. Lay down about 2-3 layers (more if you can)of fiberglass. You have to compleatly saturate the fiberglass in order for it to become hard. You will know that it is saturated b/c it will become alsmost transparent and not the white color it normally is. Also it is important to work out all the air bubbles that form. The easiest way to accomplish all this with the paint brush it to push the fiberglass down like a Stipping motion. It wont work well if you actually try to brush the resin onto the fiberglass. Go about 2 inches beyond where you actually want the enclosure to go.

5. Let the fiberglass dry for a couple of hours. If it is cold outside you can use heatlamps to help speed up the process. If you feel comfortable working in the trunk then it would be good to add another layer or two but who in the world wants to bend over into the trunk.

6. Pull out the mold. I pulled out the tape and all. This was kinda hard to do b/c the masking tape stuck pretty good to the carpet. Pull the tape and alum. foil from the back of the mold. Not all of it will come off. DO NOT break, or warp the mold!!!

7. Add about 5 more layers of mat or until it doesn't flex. It would be a good idea to sand and trim after each layer dries for a better end result. Add a final layer of fiberglass cloth since it makes for a smoother finish.

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After Everything is trimed, sanded, and strong your pretty much done making the mold. Next on to mounting the MDF ring page 3.

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