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92 and 88 mustang

updated: Nov 14th 2006 @ 10:45 PM
I bought this car after my 10 month deployment with the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN CVN 72. I was going to buy a bike but fell in love with her instead. Shortly after getting her I bought a Trick Flow steet intake, BIG mistake. For some reason she didn't respond will to that intake. I sold that then did a t-5 swap. I love the way she would kick when I would down shift it. 5 months till I transfered out of Washington State, my motor lost all oil pressure and I didn't have the time or the money for another motor. So one day before I left Wa. I sold it to this guy for $1800. I started looking for another car as soon as I got to Va. but nothing that I really liked. I was looking for RX7's or a I Roc Z, but they either wanted to much or they were crap. So I stuck it out for another couple of months and while not really looking I came across an 88 LX 50. He wanted a little much for the car but when I ran the vin it came back as a notch with a factory V8. I had to jump on it and bought it. I have sence put a little bit of work into it, mostly suspension and brakes. As we all know your can't do anything if it can't stop or handle all the power your putting into it.



                               This the day after I got the car in Apr 05.
                            One year after I got the car. New ponys, FMS B springs.    
 I got the wheels from a friend in NY. The picture was taken shortly after putting the wheels. At first it looked like it was taller but it was that the springs weren't back to normal.
      Down by the molding is a big time rust. The shop that fixed the car didn't use new parts.
                      Was trying to take a pic of the Ford sticker that I put on the window.




                               I know that some of you will see the primer by the deck lid and yes it
                                           needs a paint job and I'm trying to save up for that.


                       As you see it needs some paint and I have tried to keep it from getting
                       worse that it is.
                                                         You can't see it all that well but I have Red Line
                                                          hood struts. Love them.
                                              Front end shot .

Heres the lady that has helped me with the install of the motor, springs wheels and other things here and there.                                                                                                                                      

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check out new pics of newly painted stang sweet real flame paint job.

sisky wolf
Nov 6th, 2008 @ 1:41 PM

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