GSM# 003037




updated: Jun 11th 2009 @ 02:44 PM
2 1/2 " Cowl Induction Hood
Weld Racing Drag Lites
15x3.5 Fronts
15x8 Rear
Removed fog lights
LX Tail Lights
Bad pic of hood (just to prove it's there) Better ones soon

This is my '91 GT.It's my third Mustang,following a '85 GT,then 3 Camaro's and a GTA Trans AM,a '90 notchback,and a '86 GT. I have only invested about $3500 in it so far. You just cant beat the bang for the buck of a fox body stang.That includes the price of the car !! It is a "REAL" daily driver.The only car I own. I drive it about 300 miles a day(I have a courier service),and make frequent trips,from MD. to N.C. It's hard to keep it super clean,driving it that much,but I do my best. It's my ONLY trasportation.
Please take a second to rank me,and I will be sure to get you back !!! Thanks for checking out my ride,and THANKYOU VERY MUCH to all who have ranked, nominated,and voted for me !! 
DRAG VIDEO                                   
Pegging the Dyno

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