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Calm before the storm...

updated: Aug 30th 2015 @ 07:08 PM

"Get a nice safe vehicle this time," they said. "A practical SUV or big truck." So there I was behind the wheel of a jacked-up, tricked-out 4x4 F-150. It felt invincible. Powerful. Oversized. When a woman laughed at me on the way out of an office park because she couldn't squeeze her car through the narrow space left for incoming traffic, I thought, "You're right, this is crazy - I'm a Mustang gal!" Luckily, it was just a rental. And man, did I miss my fast, agile car.


It had been the perfect storm: rotator cuff injury, back trouble, hideous commute, traffic-packed hills, and the prospect of relocation to a state less hospitable to modified exhausts. My poor American Metal, apple of my eye and love of my life, was left undriven in the garage. Of course, the tax man still wanted wheel tax, and it had to be insured and licensed. "Can't I just take the plates off and park it out back?" No. If a nosy neighbor reported it, I'd apparently get in hot water. Damn suburbia. Unwilling to let go but under pressure, I made halfhearted attempts to sell, but clung to the idea of one day getting a red Mustang back in my life. I'm not emotional, but there were tears. We'd been through so much together.

I hadn't planned on checking out the new Mustangs, but found myself eyeing them anyway. One morning, curiosity got the best of me. Ok, I'll test drive the yellow one. Not too sure about this motor yet. I'm used to a modified V8 pushing 300 horsepower, with torque out the wazoo. Could it haul ass onto the highway, going 0-70 by the end of the on ramp to catch that ten-foot gap? Nice dash, felt right at home behind the wheel. Rolling through a residential area full of slow traffic, I couldn't punch it. 

Came back that afternoon, having found out it might be possible to upgrade the turbocharger. ;-) Were there any with navigation, backup cameras, satellite radio? Why yes, there was one left with all of that. To my delight, it was almost the same color as American Metal, and holy mother of pearl, it had BLACK AND RED LEATHER SEATS. Did they know how much I wanted to put seats like those in my old Stang? Separate tweeters, check. Pirelli P-Zeros, check. Red illuminated gauges that changed color? Check. Black leather wrapped wheel? Check. Synchronization with iPhone? Check. Metal door sills with illuminated lettering, and doors that shone an illuminated pony onto the ground when opened? Ok, you win, where do I sign?


 Next question: What to name this car. American Metal 2? Ruby? Hellacious? Our other car has a white dorsal fin on the roof. We named it Jaws. We loved Jaws! (And haven't totaled it). This one looks ferocious. It's got gill-like lines, a ravenous front grill and a turbocharger, with paint the color of blood in the water. The obvious choice: Sharknado. ;-) 


  Say hello to my little friend! 




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Jul 24th, 2010 @ 6:21 PM


Looks great and it's awesome that YOU do all the work instead of taking the wanabe's way out!! Very admirable! Keep up the good work....I ranked you a 10 of course!!!

May 21st, 2009 @ 11:59 PM


Hey guys, I finished up a couple of new pages. check them out and give me some feed back!!!!




Apr 12th, 2009 @ 7:11 PM


 Ranked you !  (and voted for lowering springs - you;ll love em!)   Pop by & rank my supercharged 03 Centennial Edition vert.

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