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Janet's 2005 GT Intro/Mods

updated: May 27th 2009 @ 01:46 PM


Purchased on November 2, 2005

Born on 10/20/2004
2OO5 Mustang GT Premium Coupe
Satin-Silver / Dark Charcoal
4.6 3 Valve V-8
300hp @ 5750 rpm.
320tg @ 4500 rpm
5-speed Auto Transmission
3:31 : 1 Rear Axle Ratio
Interior Upgrade Package
Active Anti-Theft System
17" Bright Machined Aluminum Wheels
Rear Decklid Spoiler



Web Electronics Sequential Tailights

MGW Chrome Billet GT Power Outlet Plug,
A/C and Radio Knobs

[ click to enlarge ]

Cellular 18 Antenna

----- Painted Mods by Hubby-----


[ click to enlarge ]

Valve Covers

Mid West Auto Gear Intake Cover -Silver Metallic
Valve Covers - Silver Metallic
Thorottle Body -Silver Metallic
Intake Cover - Silver Metallic
Oil Dipstick - Plum Purple
Fuel Rails  - Plum Pruple

Installed on Aug 22, it is an awesome performance improvement!


[ click to enlarge ]

C&L CAI - Outer shell was cleaned up, filled and logo removed, then painted Silver Metallic
SCT X-cal2 - Alternative Auto "Automatic" 93 octane flash tune
MGW Oil Filler and Chrome Rad Cap

I also removed all Factory parts tags, stickers (Including the big ugly sun visor ones) and quality paint marks. That seemed to go on forever. Also rewraped most of engines wiring harnesses to improve their appearance.

The 2007 Ford Intake Cover
An Extra Pony painted Satin Silver with forward mist of the  Plum Purple.

[ click to enlarge ]

A little detail for the sound insulator. I would remove it, but its ugly under there.
Maybe a new hood one day.

 Caliper painting

 A lot of prep, but the only to compeletly spray paint without removal.

[ click to enlarge ]

Above - the true color

[ click to enlarge ]

Calipers and Rotors - Plum Purple

  As soon as you apply the brakes a few times the extra paint on rotors will be removed by the pads and you'll have a clean line.


[ click to enlarge ]

Sideview Mirror inset - painted body color
Front Grill, lower half - painted body color

[ click to enlarge ]

[ click to enlarge ]

Rear Axle - Black
Rear Wheel wells filled in - Black

[ click to enlarge ]

O6 Pony Caps

[ click to enlarge ]

Our only Grandog, "Riley"


Aug 25, 2005 I finally got around to Satin Black between the tailights. This is the Satin Black that in Sunlight shows the deep pink, blue and gold pearls like on the Mach1's.

[ click to enlarge ]

Before installing a replacement GT emblem.

Love that retro look!

April 30, 2008 added one of the few remaining sets around of "Ford Racings Axle-Back Exhaust".
Twenty pounds lighter, not bad for afternoons workout.
Check out the "undercarriage page" for more views of the pipes.
                                     [ click to enlarge ]                                                                                               [ click to enlarge ]
My Stang and my daily O8 Escape!



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Dec 6th, 2009 @ 11:39 PM


Awesome cobra!  Ranked you a 10 previously. 

Jun 24th, 2008 @ 11:10 PM

“” Crazy nice stang! I think I have seen your car at a few car shows...Did you go to the one at Valvoline I think it is in Canton(canton center and hanford)? Take Care

Jun 4th, 2008 @ 9:29 AM

Replying to:

This comes up on the 'vert when I go to nominate you:

This car has not been put in a class. They need to choose the year of their car in their profile

Someone needs to update their profile 

I asked J to change it to 2005-2008 and still hasn't I'll just make my car a 2007 in my profile LOL

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