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Performance Modifications

updated: Aug 23rd 2005 @ 06:56 PM
We have performed two major performance modifications on Caroline so far.

1. C & L Trueflow Air Intake System

The C & L Trueflow Air Intake System (http://www.cnlperformance.com/) made a world of difference! It installed in under an hour. This included removing the stock intake, installing the C & L, and reflashing the engine computer. This part is necessary. Diablosport provides a tune file on their website for use with their Predator handheld tuner. It was a very easy process to download this file from Diablosport, upload it into the Predator tuner, and from there into the engine's computer via the service port in the driver's side footwell.

After installation, it was time for a test drive. OMG! The difference was night and day! The engine is much more responsive, quicker to accelerate and respond to throttle inputs, and roars much louder. Definitely worth the money.


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C & L Intake

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Dyno results: From stock to intake, a gain of 22 rwhp with the downloaded tune file. Further dyno adjustment/fine tuning resulted in a further gain of 8 rwhp. So, a total before/after gain of 30 rwhp. I'll take that!

2. Magnaflow Cat-back Exhaust System

The Magnaflow Cat-back Exhaust System (part number 15881, http://www.magnaflow.com/) is a full replacement for everything from the mid-pipe back. It is polished stainless steel for the mufflers and downpipes. Installation (and an oil change!) took right at two hours. I had access to a lift, so that made it much easier. Installation was a straightforward process, and was completed with no complications.

They look great. The 4 inch tips really fill out the holes in the rear valence, but do not touch it, so there is no danger of melting it. The mufflers are slightly smaller, so they don't show quite as much as the stock mufflers. What does show looks great. And then there's the sound! It sounds mean and pissed off, just the note I was looking for. The stock exhaust is pretty free flowing, so I probably only picked up a couple of horsepower, but the sound and look is worth the price of admission.

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got ya ranked. stop by and check out my GT when you get a chance, and return the favor

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Ranked you.. nice ride, love the stripes (paint is the only way to go

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