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My Shelby GT500 Journey

updated: Mar 3rd 2008 @ 09:29 PM
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Hello All
LSR here, a very proud owner of one of the most sought after cars in the U.S. And that is the 2007 Shelby GT500 Mustang. The car is named after a Legend that is known all over the world. Mr. Carroll Shelby. When I first read in magazines that the car was going to be built, I couldn't wait to go out and put a deposit on one and of course get in line. When the car was debuted and shown on March 23, 2005 at the New York Autoshow (pictured below) I went out and put a deposit on the car. I went through 3 dealers lines and list with the 1st two dealers wanting $25,000 over sticker. I was convinced I wasn't going to pay one penny over MSRP, so I started to call several dealers across the land. Every dealer I spoke to wanted $10,000 or more over MSRP for the Shelby GT500, but I didn't give up on my search.
(New York Autoshow picture 3-23-05 the day I ran out and placed deposit.)
Although I was looking at $25,000 over MSRP and 5th in line, I kept my spot in hopes of the price coming down when it came my turn. Well, one day my wife comes home from a evening with here friends and tells me I have good news. She tells me that one of her female friends owns a Ford dealership, and I insited that she introduce me for I have questions. I was introduced to the husband of her friend who was the President of the dealership, and asked him if he was getting any GT500's. He said let me get back with you in a few hours and I will let you know. He calls back in 20 mins. and says he can get 2 of them, but has to pay his dealership fee of $3000 for training of his techs. etc. before he can get the car. So I asked him the big question, if I could order one from him at MSRP? And he said sure. Man, I bet I jumped up high enough to dunk a basketball. I asked when could I come and order and he said as soon as I could. I called the other store were I was 5th in line that had my deposit, and said I would like to pickup my deposit because I found a MSRP deal. Their so call SVT guy was like "yeah right, and if you did, I will give you $15000 over MSRP for it when you get it". I couldn't wait to say no thanks to them for charging such a high ADM to customers, which is just wrong. Well once my car came in, I drove up to that Stealership to show them my ride and proof of paying MSRP. And believe it or not, they did offered me $15000 over what I paid for the car as well as another dealer, and of course I said "NO THANKS".

  Me picking up my new toy on 10-25-06

Well, I still have it one year later with just over 5100 miles on it, and still very proud to own this car. The Shelby GT500 is one heck of a car. It looks good, performs, and well.....you Mustangs fans you know the rest. Every time I drive it, I get people popping out camera phones, cruzing along side me, giving thumbs up, waving, and just all types of cool gestures. So to thank my wife I went out on our 15th anniversary and bought her a also red new 2007 Pony Package V-6 Mustang. I call her car "Sea Biscuit" because she always has the whip out on her car cause she is always running late for work. I would also like to say thanks to Mr.& Mrs. Darrel Owens, the owners of Riverview Ford in Columbia, IL who sold me my dream car. Unfortunetly Riverview Ford was bought out & closed before my car was delivered and my car had to be courtesy delivered to another store. And those of you wondering what happen to his 2nd Shelby, well a friend of mine bought it and Darrel gave him a sweet deal as well. But if I had been thinking at the time, I would've bought his 2nd Shelby for my wife. (Dang it)
My car was courtesy delivered 19 months later to a store that was selling their Shelby's for $25000 over. And you should've saw their faces when they found out I was paying MSRP.
Deposit placed 3-23-05
Ordered at MSRP 3-24-06
Vin. issued 7-21-06
Built 8-14-06
Striped 8-21-06
Shipped by rail 10-5-06
Arrived at dealer 10-7-06
Took delivery 10-25-06 three weeks later due to bad weather.

My car is #1413 of 8152 Coupes & 10846 total built 2007 Shelby GT500's.
 This is the 1st 2007 Shelby GT500(Grabber Orange w Tungsten stripes)off the assembly line and was delivered and signed by Mr. Shelby himself. The lucky guy got the 1st one of the line, but paid big bucks for it. The honors of getting the 1st one was auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson and the bid was won for $600,000 + & he also had to pay whatever the car cost.
Mr. Shelby shaking the hand of 1st 2007 Shelby GT500 owner, Mr. Pratt a regular at Barrett-Jackson.

1st Shelby off the assembly line was Grabber w Tungsten stripe

I guess this purchase could be blamed for all of the HIGH ADM's seen accross the nation. Once dealers saw & heard how much GT500's where auctioned off for at Barrett-Jackson, the high price freenzy began. A few of the earliy produced GT500 were auctioned off for $600,000 as well. I recall a dealership in San Diego, CA selling 2 GT500's for $125,000 each and it didn't stop there. The 1st Shelby GT sold for $600,000 at Barrett-Jackson as well as the 1st Shelby GTH went for over $250,000. I'm sure alot of you have walked into dealers to check out a Shelby GT500 for yourselves, and found high ADM's added to the price. MSRP deals where a rare occassion.
Still to this day, dealers are asking high ADM's and sold most of their GT500's on eBay.
Even the recent release of the 2007 Shelby GT500 Hot Wheel that sales for $ 0.94 at stores sells on eBay for $5 - $20.
The Shelby name is very powerful

The cool part is the 1st new GT500 Hot Wheel is the same color as my car. Now the white with blue stripes is starting to make it's way in stores now. I have 3 copies of the red Hot Wheel pictured above myself

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Oct 30th, 2008 @ 4:27 PM


I just want to say that you will be missed terribly, I never met you or your family but  you were a stand up guy and I enjoyed talking with you on numerous occasions on here and other forums.  I extend my condolances to your family and may you R.I.P.

Peter (ELITE 1)

Mar 1st, 2008 @ 1:16 AM


Stopped by to visit your web page and left you a 'ell of a ranking.  That is one sweet "Snake" - you've done well presenting it.

Stop by and visit Memnoch's page when you get a chance.  Thank you!

Feb 24th, 2008 @ 9:03 PM


Very nice, just what I would buy if I did not like mine so much. 

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