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A Cycle Ends

updated: Aug 9th 2015 @ 02:40 PM
I sold my mustang today after 11 years, so this page is now dedicated to my acomplishments.
I never could understang why people sell their stangs, like it's worth more to you then the money you get for them and the money you lose in them.  So why sell them?  Keep it, enoy it...right?  
I've heard countless stories about how "I never should have sold my stang, I'm going to get another one"
There's a cycle for any mustang owner, my ex husband and I used to always discuss this and try to understand it.
(We had 6 mustangs, they were our children)
Now that I've fully ended a cycle by caving in and selling my beloved stang, I can maybe take stab at this.
Owning a mustang most of the time leads to modifying them, as soon as that first mod or upgrade is installed you will get excited and want to do the next mod soon.  And then the next....
Years go by and more mods, soon you have a sweet looking stang that the rest of stang owners are still working to catch up to you.
Eventually you reach your ultimate goals with the car, or close enough to them given your means of money and resources.
But you do eventually get to the end, where there's nothing more to do than just 'enjoy' the car that you built.
For a good amount of stang owners who get to the 'end' of their project, they realize there's nothing left to do.
Other things in life start to become the focus of time and money, and chances are those things conflict with your stang.
And so there goes the sale for many reasons but ultimately only because you got your experience of building it and enjoying it and it's just time to move on for a while; maybe to eventually buy another stang or even to start another project years down the road.
We humans need to build and create, we're not so good at just enjoying things as they are.
This is true for not just mustangs.....

 MM; October 2007 (p 64-65) /  Modified Mustangs; June 2008 (p 94-98)



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Always loved the white Saleens with blue stripes!

Jul 17th, 2012 @ 10:38 PM

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very clean vert!  got you ranked

Thank You!


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Add Reply, NOPE


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