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Evolution of a V6

updated: Sep 30th 2008 @ 12:19 AM

9-11 RUn Pics
THe New Q400 Hood



@ MCMCC 1st annual car show                        A Pic at the FIU campus roller hockey rink

THe new Face is on


@ MCMCC 1st annual Car show                       A Pic at FIU campus by the Roller hockey rink

Stang after i removed the Roush splitter           Stang after i removed stock bumper before
                                                                 Installing Saleen front bumper which i later
                                                                 Sold to install GT bumper with Steeda Splitter.
Steeda Wing with Steeda Winglets

 Welcome to my page. I am a newbie to gotstangs.com 

THis is my custom designed and built by me and my dad a STEEDALEEN. Here is a little story about my daily driver 6 banger.  THrough the years i have had my stang it has gone through many faces. The first was the Roush Stage 1 lip. Then a few months ago i purchased what i though was the last piece to my Saleen clone puzzle which was the saleen front bumper.  However i was not happy with the way the car looked. I was not satisfied. In November of last year i joined The Magic City Mustang Club. I was inspired to go with the look of a Steeda bumper which one of my friends from the club (Q400) had for sale a GT bumper with the steeda splitter since he had the Cobra R bumper.  I purchased the bumper from him and have been very happy with the look. THe steeda ads a much more aggresive look to the stang. However last week at one of our meetings, i came in a little to hot and totally messed up the bumper. Needing to replace the bumper i have ordered the 03-04 cobra bumper off ebay, painted in my color to match and i will be adding the 03-04 cobra splitter once i get it. See the post on my page to see what you guys think.   As soon as i get the items i will post some pics of them.
Here is a list of the Current mods on the Stang.
03-04 Steeda Cobra Splitter
03-04 Cobra front bumper
03-04 Cobra Fog Lights 
Black clear corner headlights
Stealth turn signal bulbs
Headlight HID conversion kit
Foglight HID conversion kit (just arrived not yet installed) 
Headlight smoke tint cover
Foglight smoke tint cover
Black hood decal
GT Hood Scoop
Upper Billet Grille
Lower Billet Grille (I custom cut the grille from Mr. Bodykit.com to fit in the Splitter) 
Shorty antenna
Steeda Windshield banner
Steeda Sidewinder decals
Steeda emblems (used on side to replace the horse emblems and rear deck)
Steeda Silver badge (on back honeycomb panel)
Steeda functional 01-04 wing
Steeda Billet winglets
Saleen authentic side skirts
Saleen authentic side scoops
Saleen authentic rear bumper
Saleen authentic C-Pillar
Cobra 03-04 Mirrors
Cobra amber turn signal tail lights
Tail light smoke tint
Black Honeycomb Mach1 panel (with Steeda badge replacing Mach1 letters)
White LED licence plate lights
Black LED brake lights
Black Billet fuel door
HPR5 19 inch rims custom painted white to match the car
Custom made 1 inch spacer to bring the wheels nice and flush with the fenders
Nitto Tires
Steeda Billet headlight knob
Steeda Billet cruise control
Steeda Billet shift bezel
Steeda Billet AC knobs
Steeda Billet window switches
Steeda Billet defrost button
Steeda Billet auto shift knob (not yet installed)
Silver AC panel
Saleen duel guage pod with auto meter Volt and Clock
A-Paller dual guage pod with Vacuum metter and lean and Rich
White face guage
35th Anniversary bezel
Mach1 race pedels
Custom installed noss panel (non functional for now)
10 inch subwoofer with amp
K&N filter system
Flowmaster dual exhaust with straight pipes to the back.
Steeda polished radiator cover
Steeda Billet hood prop
Steeda Billet oil cap
Steeda Billet power steering cap
Coming Soon:
Steeda Q400 Hood 
More Steeda billet engine accesories
Trading Saleen rear bumper for stock GT bumper and cash
Trading Saleen Scoops for GT scoops and cash
Selling my Saleen side skirts and installing my stock skirts
Maybe selling Saleen C-Pillars to install my stock ones.
Will keep you all posted.  Thanks for visiting and please get me ranked and I will return the favor.

At the 1st annual Magic City Mustang Car Club show at world Ford Kendall

Picture of my stang with the Privet Netz rims which are for sale

I just picked up the Steeda 03-04 Cobra bumper splitter today from Steeda. I was a bit surprised that the splitter is made of fiberglass i thouhg it would be made of urathane. Anyways i still think it will come out great.

The Damage 
THe rebuild has begun.
07/07/08 - 12:55pm  Just got a set of Roush Side Skirts off ebay for $130.00 including shipping. Sounds to good to be true I will keep you guys posted on the outcome of the transaction.

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Jun 28th, 2009 @ 2:55 PM


hey real nice deisgn on this thing! I can't beileve its a 6'er.I hope mine can look as good as yours someday!

Apr 19th, 2009 @ 6:19 AM


Mar 17th, 2009 @ 5:19 PM


hey hows it going ,my names rudy. thought i recognized those speedway pics .thats homestead right ? seen you here before but never realized you were from miami . im from hialeah . do you ever go to the 1/8 mile track in chrome ave ? ranked your ride .  later

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