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updated: Oct 25th 2006 @ 11:53 PM
Page 1 Has Not Yet Been Created   ...It was the first supercharged Mach by Vortech Engineering. It has custom Griggs Racing world challenge roadrace suspension built for it(including koni double adjustable coil overs, k-member, world challenge(wc) control arms, caster/camber plates, wc torque arm, panhard bar, adjustable rear control arms, rear coil overs, TA dif. cover and subframe connectors) everything connection heim joints. It makes power from an aftercooled Vortech Supercharger making nearly 15psi pumping out 510 horsepower through the custom Bassani exhaust x-pipe, mandral bent piping and 4" exhaust tips. A new motor was installed featuring the same buletproof internals as the 2003-04 Cobra's with forged rods and pistons. The power is tamed by the Baer 13" racing rotor and pad upgrades. The 18" Cobra II halibrand wheels are wrapped in Toyo RA1 road racing tires. Autometer gauges help keep an eye on supercharger functions. ALL PARTS WERE PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED BY EACH MANAFACTURER.

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