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updated: Mar 4th 2008 @ 10:52 PM
The Shelby GT500's have done a full circle thanks to the Legend himself Mr. Carroll Shelby who introduced the 1st Shelby GT500 40 years ago in 1967. And now he is at it again with the 2007 and 2008 models including the Shelby Hertz vehicle and the Shelby GT which is mated with the older GT350's and Hertz cars of the past. Word is there will be a 2009 GT500 model as well and if so these cars will be a perfect match to the 40 year old versions. Pictures below of the 1967-1969 Shelby GT500's and 2007-2008 Shelby GT500's and other Shelby Mustangs.

 1969 Shelby GT500

2007 Shelby GT500's on the left  &  1969 Shelby GT500's on right

1968 GT500 KR


1967 GT500 Super Snake 525hp

 2008 Shelby GT500KR
There will only be 1000 (08 GT500KR's) produced and dealers will enter a lottery to get one to sale. I suspect this car will sell for more $500,000 at Barrett-Jackson. With only 1000 produced, collectors will be lurking. The 2008 GT500KR will be the most powerful Mustang ever built with 540 hp and 510 tq from the factory.
 The 40th Anniversary Edition Coupe

 40th Anni. edition vert.

Mr. Shelby gives all existing 2007 GT500 owners the oportunity to get their car upgraded with several mods. all performed at SAI in Vegas. Only 500 of these cars will be produced and the cost for the upgrade start at $11000+ and for $10,000 more one can have a 700+ rwhp monster with the help of a 2.8 Kenne Bell blower.
 The Super Snake GT500
Also an upgrade for all existing GT500 owners producing 605bhp & 590tq Cost for package $27,995(warrantied) and 725hp option availible with this package as well non-warrantied for an extra $4000 = $31,995
 Shelby GT
The Shelby GT can be bought at local Ford dealerships. 4.6 V-8 335hp. ADM, yes #1 sold for $600,000 also at Barrett-Jackson.
 Shelby GT SC with Chrome 20in SHelby Razors. SC= Supercharged
Shelby GT SC make 500hp with a 4.6 Mod. V-8
 Shelby GTH   H=hertz
The GTH can be rented at local Hertz car rental stores near you. Shelby GT-H coupes are auctioned off to Ford dealers after completion of Hertz rental duty consistently average $50,000, with high auction bids of $90,000.
 1967 Shelby GT500 next to a 2007 Shelby GT500

 1967 & 2007 Shelby GT500

Ford, Mr. Shelby, and SVT did a heck of a job.

 2008 Shelby GT500


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I just want to say that you will be missed terribly, I never met you or your family but  you were a stand up guy and I enjoyed talking with you on numerous occasions on here and other forums.  I extend my condolances to your family and may you R.I.P.

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Stopped by to visit your web page and left you a 'ell of a ranking.  That is one sweet "Snake" - you've done well presenting it.

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Very nice, just what I would buy if I did not like mine so much. 

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