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updated: Feb 17th 2006 @ 08:20 PM

Right now it has stock heads, Edelbrock Performer 5.0 Intake, Accufab 75mm Fox TB, BBK LT Headers, BBK O/R H-Pipe, Flowmaster Catback, Pro 5.0 Short Throw Shifter.
Most mods it has had at one time was a Master Power Single T-70 DIY Turbo kit at 12psi of boost, Twisted Wedge heads, 65mm TB, Edelbrock Performer 5.0 Intake, Pro 5.0 Shifter.
When I first bought the car it had really horrid 15" rims on it, which I quickly changed for some machined faced 03 Cobras. Durring my senior year of highschool, we had to do a senior project so what would be better than getting your car painted for almost free??? So for my senior project, I repainted the whole car and added the stripes which are also painted on. After that I decided I wanted a cobra front bumper, so I got one. Thats about all for the apperance of my car, I have some saleen side skirts in my room but I haven't had time/money to paint them yet.
Background Info:
Guess I should have started off with this first, but now will do just fine I suppose. My name is Zach, was born and raised in Daytona Beach FL, lucky me right? i enjoyed working on my car (putting performance parts on not the maintenance part). I'm currently attending Daytona Beach Community College and 1/2 a semester away from getting my AA in Math and Science. Once I get my AA I'm going to head out to UCF to get my degree in Mechanical Engineering. What I'd really like to do with my degree is get on with the SVT, Roush, or any of the other mustang performance teams designing and testing new parts. I know it's a long shot, but hey... It's worth a try isnt it?
Some More Pictures:
This picture was taken a few days agter I got my 03 Cobra's I kinda miss having a single colored car, but I'm happy with how it looks now.

This is a picture of my Eddy intake that I polished. Took forever and will never do something like this again.

Here is another old picture of my car taken in a K-Mart parking lot at night. Love the angle and colors of this picture, probably has to be the best picture of my car that I have (thanks Mike)

Here is the most recent picture I have of my car. Right now I have the front fenders off to get rid of the emblems and antena, which I have allready done, but I still need to paint them. 

Engine bay after I smoothed out the fenders and repainted it.

 And here is the pass. side fender I'm working on.

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Nov 15th, 2007 @ 9:15 PM


got ya ranked. stop by and check out my GT, and return the favor

Apr 4th, 2007 @ 5:57 PM

“” Nice Stang!!!  Ranked ya big!!!  Hit me back when you get a chance!!!

Jan 14th, 2007 @ 9:48 PM


Nice work there .. that engine bay looks great and those front fenders will look hot when all the stuff is shaved off .. got ya ranked a dime . come look at my Gt when ya get the chance

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