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The canvas as it sits on a lot in Dallas (January 2006)


After the addition of the MagnaFlow Exhaust, Cobra Mirrors and Cobra Rear Spoiler. (Feb.06)


Next Come the new shoes. (March 06)

Before and after Cobra rear bumper install. (March 06)

After the nosejob! Still waiting for the hood to come in! (March 06)




The Current appearance. (March 2006)
At this point it looks and sounds fast, but AIN'T!!!

ProCharger Stage II P1SC Installed (July 2006)
While I had her down for the S/C install, I also installed the 3.90 gears.
The difference was like night and day!! I must be getting OLD, because I have yet to realize a problem with the "delay" from a centrifugal supercharger. Puched from a stop, and tire spin occurs through first, halfway through second, and lays some impressive tracks when transitioning third! Puch it from any speed under 40 mph, and be prepared to handle a little fishtail action. Can't wait to get time to get it really dialed in and see what kind of ET and RWHP/Torque is being made!

Had to have the Boost/Vac (right) and A/F (left) gauges (July 06)

Leaky aftercooler (November 2006)
The new lung (November 2006)

All back together.......


New Plate Frame and DiabloSport Sticker

A visitor, and partial view of added 03 rockers on the clone     





Latest Project:
Redbull as she was adorned by my wife!

Some of the recent parts I started making:
Rear Mount Head Cooling Mod Kit   
Rear Mount Head Cooling Mod Kit (Installed on 03 Cobra Motor)

Top Mount Head Cooling Mod Kit

Throttle Body adapter for 2V style plenum elbow to mount on 4150 carb flange. (Pictured with the new Edelbrock Victor 4.6 Manifold!)


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Jul 23rd, 2008 @ 3:25 PM


Hey.. i uploaded alot of new pics.. go check it out and let me know what you think.. page 3 i have alot of new ones.. and the friends page i have put alot of pics from our cruises and meets..

Jun 27th, 2008 @ 8:42 PM

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let me say WOW.. i cant believe how good your car looks.. i love cobras. but yours is just as nice.. good work man.. keep it up.. how is the truck coming? did your finish it?

Trucks is sold. So it looks like I'll be cloning my 2004 GT vert to match my wife's. Except the fact that mine is Red, 5-Speed, and has a little different motivation in store!! 

wow.. the intake looks really good. esp since it will match the car right? you do some great work. cant wait to see the new clone.

Jun 25th, 2008 @ 6:10 PM

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Nice Clone

Thanks. Back at ya! My old boss has a real Enzo (noticed the scale model on your site)!

Yeah those were built by me. the enzo took the longest with the functional gul wing doors, hood and trunk. 

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