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my 1995 Gt candy apple colored

updated: Oct 15th 2006 @ 03:59 PM
I would like to present you my stang
Its a 1995 GT with a custom candy apple paint, look very good under the sun!
Here new pics from this summer

cruising down Brookville, ONT with my friend 1991 camaro pro street

New pics of the interior
Going to drag, some pictures with slick and cheap wheels for drag

front view without the gauge

[ click to enlarge ]

nice shot with my 1989 vert

[ click to enlarge ]

my stang with my friend's 1991 camaro pro outlaw 1460HP on nitrous

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here is a list of mod for my 1995:

-saleen bodykit,
-with fender, wing, side scoop, fogs and mach 3 hood.
-engine has been removed for paint,
-interior has been removed to for paint and building the roll cage,
-custom candy apple paint from dupont
-ultralite hood gauge
-polished gaz cap,
-17 inch cobra wheel
-Eibach coil spring
-Tokico Illumina 5 position shocks
-BBK caster camber plate
-kenne brown subframe connector
-chrome strut tower brace
-aluminium shorter antenna
-Chrome moly control arm (upper and lower)
-Lakewook driveshaft safety loop

-E303 camshaft
-1.7 roller rocker
-ceramic coated headers with ARP stainless steel headers bolt
-off-road H-pipe
-dynomax muffler (plan to change for flowmaster)
-Fireball fire kit
-air pump deleted
-MAC Cold air intake
-Optima Battery
-Polished engine dress-up kit (pics to come)

-6 points roll cage NHRA legal, candy apple with leather accent
-custom leather interior
-lot of chrome
-rayband 70% tint windows
-Shift light
-MOMO steering wheel
-MOMO shifter
-MOMO polished door still
-custom short shifter
-Steeda polished accessories
-radio with cd player
-gray dash gauge with polished gauge ring
-fire extinguisher
-5'' monster tach with shift liht
-polished Astray switch plate

-4:10 gear
-line lock
-alarm system
-a good pair of slick with rims for drag
-battery relocation kit

i'm curently working on my 1989 vert, more pics to come when finished

future plan
SHORT TERM for my 1995:
-New rims with 10.5 rims in the back, mounted with mickey thompson drag radial or Bf drag radial
-bigger brake ubgrade, drilled and slotted rotor on 4 wheel with performance pads
-3 gauge side mount
-New aftermarket engine but I can't tell you what!!

[ click to enlarge ]

please tell me what you really think of my stang, i accept any constructive comments, good or bad, even suggestion of mod for both. rank me and write a comment, I will return you the favor!

thank for visiting!

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Last 3 User Comments
Jul 29th, 2008 @ 11:01 AM


Looks awesome! ranked ya!

Mar 26th, 2007 @ 4:23 AM


Very HOT Stang - looks MINT!!! The paint and body kit are sizzling!!! Great looking interior work as well. Definitely would like to see more pixs and any additional mods. I'm sure you'll be going toward the engine and under carriage next!!! Ranked ya!!!


Feb 9th, 2007 @ 12:03 PM


WOW have you done a ton of work on your 95 .. it looks just AWESOME .. and your vert is a very clean and SWEET looking car as well .. i'm interested to see how the Mach turns our .. let me know when you get some pix of that project .. got ya ranked a dime all the way .. come give my Gt a look when ya get the chance

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