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updated: Sep 30th 2005 @ 02:24 PM

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Hey. My name is Jon and I'm pretty new to Got Stang? I saw the great article they did in this months fast fords, so I had to check this out and see what it was all about. As of right now I have a 1996 Mustang GT and a 1991 mustag GT. I just got the 91, it's pretty nice. I'm glad I got it before winter so I can work on it all winter. It's got an E cam, 3:73s, subframe connectors, and flowmasters. Here are a few pics!
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]Mods so far on my GT are Hurst short shifter, white gauges, Magnapack cat back exhaust, MAC offroad X pipe, and I have 4 Toyo Proxess 4s.

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In the near future I will be getting a nice intake and MAF. Then I might consider a TB.

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I have an audio system that is being very slowly installed by me. I have an Alpine CDE-9845 installed and I am in the middle of building a nice enclosure for my 2 12" infinity perfects. I still need to by my component Kappas and my 6X9s. Then I am going with Alpine amps, probably.

By the end of this summer, I hope to have enough money saved up to by myself a project Fox. I absolutley can't get enough of the hatchbacks, I think they are amazing cars. I plan on learning to really work on mustangs on this car. I am torne between putting in a 351 or building the 302 real nice. I don't know that I have the skill to put in a 351, but then again, I don't really have the skill to build the 302...but I plan on learning as I go with this car. Is there really any better way?

Plans for the fox are extensive. I first plan to get any body damage/rust fixed right away and get the car ready for paint. This means stripping the engine bay too and getting that painted real nice. In the mean time, when it's out to paint, I plan on starting to rebuild whichever engine I end up with. You know, forged pistons, cams, rockers, cyl. heads, the works. I don't know if I want to supercharge or not. After all that is done, I will need to finish all the other new goodies in the engine bay like fans, battery relocation, hoses, ignition, distributer, wires, throttle body/plenum, MAF, injectors, etc. Once that's done I guess all that's left for me is the interior. I want to keep it street driveable, so while I will do alot of wieght reduction, I will keep the good stuff like air conditioning and my CD player. I want to go with 2 nice seats in the front, and seat delete in the back.

So yeah, that's my Got Stang page, I will definitly be adding more...I mean, gotta win some points, eh!? To the creators of this site...awsome job mustangs needed this.

Been a while since I have updated this. See, I was on 56k and I just gave up with this site...too many ho stangs to check out and I just couldn't wait. I am now on DSL though so I am back. I fixed my crappy digital camera, but it's really bad. I have some temporary pics from this camera but I do apologize for how bad they are. I am gonna use my g/fs camera soon to get much better ones. Hope you guys enjoy.

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Apr 28th, 2007 @ 2:13 PM


nice pony you are ranked

Mar 28th, 2007 @ 4:06 AM


Nice Stang - ranked ya - hit me back when you get a chance...

Mar 2nd, 2007 @ 10:05 AM


dropped ya 10! beautiful car and awesome site! hope u check out my site. added a few things it has a couple of vids check it out  thank you for your time, votes, and support. hope you are having a great week  hope you like all my videos on the various pages

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