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SOHCman's Pony

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Current Mileage:
Say "Hello" to Maxxine... She is my Daily Driver...
Maxxine basking under the sun in the front yard & ready for Sept 2007 Mustang Cruise
She is a 2006 Mustang V6 with 5 speed automatic transmission.
Right now she still has the factory "tune", but I've added a PYPES True Dual exhaust with "X" pipe and Street Pro mufflers.
Cold idle is 97dB, interior noise @ 2500RPM approx 87dB.
Checkin' out Maxxine's ass... sweet 4" tips on the Street Pros really fill out the GT bumper!

Nice low-angle shot
Here's what she sounds like:

3. Click here to watch "V6-with-Pypes-Duals-Echoing-Through-Nice-Tunnel" 

Maxxine lets you peek under her bonnet.
Putting the power to the pavement, I've added a T-LOK differential to the stock 3.31 gears.
Had a little fun testing it out.
1st gear and 5500 RPM. She's quite a handful for a little 4.0 V6.

 I chose to keep the 3.31s since I do LOTS of highway driving... about 190 miles a day.
I figure, if I'm gonna spend 3 hours a day in my car, I'm gonna damn-well ENJOY it!
Bought her April 5th 2006.
all washed up for our 12-01-07 cruise (check out that tire tread!)
She has been a pleasure to own and I hope for many more years of fun!
If this photo is an indication of things to come, I'll be a happy man.

Once in a lifetime DOUBLE rainbow shot!

She has placed in the top 3 here on GotStang for several months!
3 Snow storms so far in winter 2008/2009...
Massive thunderstorms in Georgia & Florida in 2008.
She is a true trooper and braves even the worst weather and doesn't complain! 
Check out my Pony's Mods on page 2!

For tons of Cruise & Carshow photos and some cool videos, check out our website...
To see our Cruise Calendar click here: http://www.RoaminPonies.com (Coming Soon!)

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