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The Grabber Team Interceptor



Grabber's Mods

updated: May 1st 2010 @ 04:09 AM

Modifications List

Current Mods

  • 68 California Special Striping done by Russ and Bob at Lundgren Ford in Virginia Minnesota
  • Lower Rear Quarter Scoops from Atlanta Auto Accessories  
  • Sequential Rear Turn Signals from WebElectric  
  • Gold Painted Brake Calipers (Eastwood Products)  
  • Powdercoated Valve Covers to match the car color .. done by my long time friend SQUID
  • Hood Struts from Steeda
  • K&N Typhoon Air Intake from Steeda
  • Strut Tower Brace from Steeda
  • G-Trac Bar from Steeda
  • Bumpsteer Kit from Steeda  
  • Helix Power Tower Plus from Street & Performance Electronics 
  • Magnaflow American Thunder Mufflers
  • Hurst Competition Plus Shifter from Brenspeed
  • X Caliber 2 Tuner from Brenspeed 
  • Custom Painted Plenum Cover by Midwest Auto Gear
  • Custom Painted Fuel Rail Covers by Midwest Auto Gear  
  • Custom Painted Flaming Pony for the plenum cover by SS Inserts
  • Headlamp Splitters from Steeda (made by CDC) 
  • Roush Front Facia with Foglights from Roush Racing 
  • Brushed Stainless Radiator Cover from UPR
  • Pedal Protectors-Brushed Finish from UPR
  • Speaker Grill Covers-Brushed Finish from UPR
  • Billet Aluminum Shifter Trim Ring-Brushed Finish from MGW
  • Billet Aluminum Windshield Washer Cap Cover-Brushed Finish from UPR  
  • Billet Aluminum Power Steering Cap Cover-Brushed Finish from UPR  
  • Billet Aluminum Radiator Cap Cover-Brushed Finish from UPR  
  • Billet Aluminum Brake Fluid Cap Cover-Brushed Finish from UPR  
  • Billet Aluminum Strut Tower Cap Cover Kit-Brushed Finish from UPR  
  • Billet Stainless Fuse Box Cover-Brushed Finish from UPR
  • Aluminum Expansion Tank from Canton
  • Aluminum Powersteering Tank from Canton
  • 9mm Hollow Point Door Lock Pins from UPR  
  • Billet Shifter Bezel-Brushed Finish from UPR  
  • Billet Headlight Switch Plate Brushed Finish Cover from UPR  
  • Billet Aluminum Oval Clothes Hangers with Horse Logo-Brushed Finish from UPR  
  • Billet Stainless Mirror Control Bezel and Knob-Brushed Finish from UPR
  • Black Billit Fuel Cover with Gt Logo from Steeda
  • Custom Hood Scoop Badge (Grabber 4.6L) from Bob White Decals
  • Custom Headrest Wraps, Console Cover, Shifter Boot and Door Accents by Dean at Passion Automotive.com
  • Custom Trunk Mat by Grand Mat Design
  • Black Taillight Trim from Steeda
  • Custom Grabber Orange Shifter Ball from GrabberPony.com
  • FRPP 3:73 Gears 
  • Speed of Sound dash gauge pod from American Muscle.com
  • Autometer Sport Comp II Gauges ( electric oil pressure, water temp and voltmeter ) from SummtRacing.
  • Removed hood blanket and repainted bottom side of the hood.
  • Radiator cover extensions paint to match the car.
  • Painted the radiator cover to match the car.
  • Shelby style brushed aluminum hood pins from American Muscle

Future Mods

  • What ever strikes my fancy as this project grows. I'm sure this list will keep growing.
                     A freshly powdercoated camcover
                                                     Squid getting ready to apply the second coat
                                                                                    Camcover getting it's second coat of powder
                        Before I painted the calipers Gold
                                                                                                         The finished caliper
                         Out comes the old stock mufflers               In goes the  new Flowmaster American Thunders  

Installed a new shifter 

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Jul 16th, 2013 @ 6:17 AM


RIP Tim.  We'll miss you buddy.

Sep 22nd, 2012 @ 7:04 PM

Replying to:

A very nice start Guy

 Thanks buddy, I know it has been a long while since I've been on! I've been busy trying to get my first adult paranormal-romance novel, "IMMORTAL RELATIONS" read and get the sequel, "IMMORTAL RELATIONS, LOVE & WAR" finished and sent to the publisher. I believe the sequel will join my first book up on AMAZON and KINDLE in OCTOBER (the first book has been available on both for nine months). I drove my 66 over to a little town called TRENT, Texas this morning to be in their homecomming parade. A friend in our local car club, "Last Chance Car Club" always gets a group together to go support that homecomming parade with our cars being in it. Last year I drove my Roush, next year (Good Lord willing) I'll drive my wife's Studebaker Wagonaire with the 5.7 Dodge Hemi or this "new" 1951 Studebaker P/U.


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