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The Quest for 12's!!!

updated: May 12th 2009 @ 07:29 PM
Yep I am going to do 12's with the Boost Gobbler with its current set up \"smile\". On this page I will update everyone with time slips and any video will be placed in my video section \"smile\".
Before I post anything Id like to add that I currently suck at drag racing and have only been down the track twice ever! so far its only been with the Gobbler.
Ill have to post this tomorrow but my first time ever down the track resulted in a 14.5 and 100mph. I had the Gobbler set to 20 psi. This happened because I was to just looking at my wide band. Anyone who knows what happened to my last project knows why \"smile\". Anyway there was a mid 90's Camaro next to me that did 13.8 at 104 mph.
I am on the right and the left was a Camaro.
My second time EVER down the track witch happened today, I ran a 13.645 at 106 mph and beat the 99 body style mustang gt next to me \"smile\". I had the Gobbler set to 20 psi. i was *asleep at the light* not really use to the tree yet and i was late with a couple shifts. I didn't get to go again because I need a helmet now :-/.
I am on the right and the GT is on the left.
As you can see, and I mentioned earlier my reaction time suuuuucks lol. Oh well I can only improve \"smile\" stay tuned.
Whats up, don't get excited i haven't been to the track again :-P. I have some interesting news!! Once upon a time ago (before I went to the track) I tested a rough tune for 20 psi. Well I stared at my wide band until I knew I was in the safe zone then I looked at my boost gauge as I stomped on it and I saw the boost bounceing from 15 to 20 psi?!?!  and of course I instantly thought boost leak?!?! Naaaah. But it really couldn't be anything else but the wastegate witch is fine. Anyway I got bit by the lazy bug and didnt do anything about it. Today, about an hour ago i went ahead and tested for leaks and I found two. one was between my throttle body and TP sensor (just need a gasket or o-ring i think) and the other was from the base of my BOV (i think ill need a new BOV :-/). So the point is I am happy I have these leaks because now after I fix them and go back to the track, I should see some gains \"smile\". So its like I ran a mile with something in my shoe, how much faster can i do it with nothing in my shoe \"smile\" stay tuned.
Hey hey! guess what mofos! I got that rock out of my shoe a while ago and went to the track last night! here is the break down!
First run, I forgot to turn my lights on >.< so I couldn't check out my RPM's while shifting and ended up shifting way to early on 1st and 2nd. I also forgot to get my number and wrist band. The end result was a 13.7 at 92mph but i did have my best reaction time so far at .100 :-D. I had the gobbler set at a steady 15psi (I didn't bother changing it)!!
 My number here is 1 as default, I forgot to get a number assigned to me >_<.
Second run, I got my number (63) and my wrist band, most importantly I turned my lights on! and next to me was a old muscle car, Camaro or nova or something I didn't get a good look. It was fancy and loud. Anyway after I staged, the track dude told me to roll up my window so I frantically attempt to roll up my window and finish just as the green pops up! I had a crapy .8 reaction time! I shifted a bit better that time though. end result was a 13.2!! at 106!! this made me very excited. the muscle car did 12.9 at 102.Finally got my number, 63.
Third run, I was ready to rumble, lights on, check, windows up, check, helmet, check, lets rock. *scowl*
green pops up and i let'er loose. Felt like I had a good reaction time, shifted a bit later out of second but all the other shift where great! as I pulled up to get my ticket I felt very confident that I just did a 12.something pass. As the kid at the box hands me my ticket he says.. "Hey dude Im sorry these numbers are all wrong." I said "Are you serious?" He said yeah the last couple where messed up like that (not including my previous runs) so after that disappointment I go to the line to the air compressor and wait my turn. Some kids walk up to me and start asking me some questions about the car and we chatted for a minute and I asked them if they saw my time (it said I did 10.somthing on the slip.)? and he said no. So we chatted a bit more and they went away. Then a few minutes later they come back with some family members who saw my last time!!! All they said was "you did 12's." This made me very happy! But I still need a time slip so I can have proof for you guys and others right! Of course I do, so maybe next week end! Stay tuned \"smile\".
Here is the slip that was all messed up, I was in the right lane.
>_< Sorry.. I frickin forgot my license!!! >_< so clearly I didnt run. So Ill try again next Friday. If it means anything I embarrassed an Evo on the way home. stay tuned.

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Oct 10th, 2010 @ 1:31 PM

“” where im from. anything that has 4 cyl is declared a ricer. no matter if it has turbos, s/c, etc... because they see it like this, if a honda civic has 4 cylinders and a set of twin turbos and n2o and a fox body mustang thats 4 cylinder with the same set up, they are the same. therefore called ricers, thats the only reason i said it like that, im not trying to offend you in any way but thats just how i grew up and what cars like yours are called around here.

Oct 7th, 2010 @ 11:01 PM

Replying to:
Replying to:
but why a 4cyl? why waste the money on a 4banger when you can buy a 302, stroke it to a 347 or something, and turbo it. youd get twice as much or more Horses and spend the same amout of money or less....? i just dont get it.
Originally this was just going to be a swap, stock for stock, just the stock turbo coupe engine just for some cheap extra power untill i got the money together for the v8 build i wanted to do originally. But the more i messed with it the more it grew on me, i spent a far amount of money so far but nothing crazy. there are those who have gone faster with less money then i spent with 2.3t, this car will run a 12, and when im done this new set up ill be in the 11's im sure. You would really have to mess around with one of these to really get it. when i first heard about them i brushed it of pretty quick, but then once i saw the potential of these little engines  and how rediculously cheap and easy it was to start off i couldnt resist, also i was pretty broke at the time. if i took the money i spent on this engine and put it toward a v8 i dont think i would be making much more power. Its a hobby.
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aight man, i kinda see why ya did what ya did now. i like it anyways, even if it is a ricer on STERIODS. HAHA. nice have a good one.

Oct 3rd, 2010 @ 7:33 PM

“” but why a 4cyl? why waste the money on a 4banger when you can buy a 302, stroke it to a 347 or something, and turbo it. youd get twice as much or more Horses and spend the same amout of money or less....? i just dont get it.

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