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got the new motor in.

blog Sunday, May 21, 2006 @ 8:40 PM

The motor is in, FINALLY!  Since I'm in the Navy I took it to the base hobby shop so that we could use a lift to make things easier. Me and a friend of mine started working on the car on friday morning. We were taking our time because we didn't have another motor yet and wouldn't have it until after 3:30. So we went to get the motor back to the base and come to notice that the cherry picker was gone. When we found it these guys were taking a motor out of another car. When I asked them how long they were going to be they said they didn't know. I asked nicely if they could have it back to me in about an hour when I'm ready to drop my motor back into the car. Well 15 minutes till the shop closed for the night they cherry picker was returned, no good to me. Later that night my freind tells me he has to go out of town and wouldn't be able to help me finish the car. So I asked my wife if she wanted to help me finish up and she said yes without even batting an eye. We get up early on Saturday and get to shop to start working on the car. We get the cherry picker ready to lift the motor back into the car. By noon we have the motor trans and full exhaust back on the car and waiting to put the wiring harness back in it's spot and drop the upper intake and make sure that we have everything tight and full of fluids. I get in the car about 2 and try to start it, no go. I get out and my wife gets in. She tries to start while  I look around to see what isn't hooked up. As I look around I so that I didn't have the the ignition coil hooked up. As soon as that was hook up the car started right away. We let it run for a few mintues just to make sure that there isn't anything leaking, nothing so we shut the car off. We clean up and move the car out to the parking lot. On the way home I noticed that the temp was almost at 270. I pulled over and put another gallon of antifreeze in it I got down the road and it was cooler but still hot. We get to a 7-11 and get a gallon of water and add it to the rad. After we leave there the temp is down to normal and stayed there. Boy was that a load off of my mind. I think that now I just have to pull my trans because I have noise coming from my clutch area. I hope that it's something simple but doing the clutch is nothing. Well I would like to take this time to thank my wife for here support and her hand in getting my girl back on the road. Alot guys might tell you that there wifes (or significent other) gets mad when they work on the car all the time but my wife helps me turn wrenches on our stang, Yes I said our. She has alway said that she would rather me be missing with the car than be out missing with another woman. I hope  that I haven't bord everyone with this entry and if you sat there and read all of this then I must have put the words together pretty good. Thanks for stopping by.

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May 22nd, 2006 @ 12:51 AM

Congrats on getting it back on the road!

May 24th, 2006 @ 4:13 PM

Thats awesome that your wife helps out with the wrenching!  My wife understands it when I have a long project, but eventually she gets pissed. 


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