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Batten down the hatches for summer storms

blog Friday, July 21, 2006 @ 4:05 PM

We've had some bad storms lately in Middle Tennessee.  You may have seen the April stories about million-dollar brick homes leveled in Gallatin.   This amplified the  shock to me, because I'd always thought those were pretty solid.  Now I know that when it comes to 100+ mph wind, rich folks aren't any safer than those of us living in lesser edifices.  It all just comes down to luck. 
People 'round my way seem to be getting new roofs every couple of years.   One of our cars was totaled from hail damage fleeing a tornado.  Black fingers extending down from the sky in the rear view mirror, scarier than any movie because it was real! 
What's all this leading to, you ask?  And how does it relate to Mustangs when the totalled car was an ultra-quiet four-door sedan?  
 First, hail protection.  Even in summertime, it's worth considering.  I've got a Kevlar car cover, which reflects heat nicely but won't do diddly squat when golf ball-sized ice starts pelting down on the hood.  I tie it down on all four corners, but still.  A fellow Mustanger covered his car with a blanket in the middle of a hailstorm.  I've always said I'd run outside with three-ring binders from work and lay them all over the car if it happened during the day, then throw my body down on top for good measure.  I'm on the hunt for a padded cover, just so my coworkers won't think I'm crazy.    
Second, blocked driveways.  I have a solution.  There's a lot going on during a roofing job, and sometimes the supervisor's truck gets in the way of your egress.  You just fix your Mustang up with a loud exhaust.  That'll get their attention.  I revved the engine,  started backing toward his pickup and never saw a man jump off a ladder so fast.  He moved his vehicle right away, was very apologetic, and even complimented my Stang.  Because people just can't help liking a souped-up muscle car.  :-)

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