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blog Wednesday, March 08, 2006 @ 2:33 PM

I was born into a Mustang family you could say, my mothers first car was a '68 Mustang coupe and my fathers first car was a 64 1/2 Mustang vert'.  Its a shame that I couldn't pull off the same feat they did.  Started off with a '79 T-Bird, light blue with the dark-blue vinyl top.  Had the 302 cid 'econo' engine, grandfather wanted something that wasn't a gas hog.  That poor engine was lost in the engine bay.  I could easily have stood inside the engine bay between the radiator and the fan.
    Tore that car up my sophmore year in h.s. for my tech-ed class.  Tore the engine out, cleaned up the oil deposits, honed the cylendar walls and put it all back together again.  I think I spent every extra dime and then some that my dad had breaking rings, ripping up gaskets and poking holes in vaccume hoses.  I probably would have kept that car if it wasn't for the fact that I was going to college out of state and it was too much to keep filling the gas tank.
    *Going to skip over the next car... it was a '80 Audi 5000 diesel* 
    After a few years of the Audi and many many miles to and from collge to home it finally decided to give up the ghost and refused to run anymore.  Through some contacts I was able to pick up a White '86 Mustang LX 4 cyl auto hatchback for a song and a dance.  My first mustang and it was my third car.... two off from my parents.  *shrug*  Close enough for me.
    I quickly tinted the windows, picked up some stock late 80's Mustang fanblade rims and added some neon.  Never mind that it was auto, only had 4 cylendars and could barely get out of its own way.... I had a bad ass looking mustang.  People on campus knew me... because of my car!  Just ask my wife, she'll tell you the same thing.  She saw this sweet Mustang in the parking lot, all decked out with the GTO blackout covers on the front and rear lights, dark tint and the Dallas Star right in the middle of the rear window.  It was pimpin'!  *I've got to have a picture around here somewhere to post up*


    Its hard to see, but that is a picture of the odometer rolling over.  100,000 miles ... don't remember what it had at the end but it did drop a tranny, blew a hole in the exhaust manifold, and somehow attracted the attention of many NJ state troopers.
UPS man delivered today! 3.21.2006

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Mar 8th, 2006 @ 7:12 PM

Great story...  Keep em comin


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