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blog Monday, June 26, 2006 @ 3:37 PM

So I get down to Silver Spring today at the Discovery Channel headquarters. About 30 tuner cars show up...far cry from the 75 they were anticipating. Some guy named Andy Goodman from the NCCA (National Custom Car Association) comes out with a camera man and has us all start riding around the building. We do it in waves, as he pulls some of us to the side and shoots the cars up close. They got a lot of film of my car. So still no one really knows what's going on, but there is a rumor that two of the drivers go inside and the Discovery channel has no idea what's going on. Then I hear another rumor that the CEOs (probably not, but someone from within the Discovery channel) comes down and either tells Goodman and his boy to stop filming or invites them in. When all is said and done, some the drivers find their way into a large conference room with Goodman and some other guy. At the front of the room is the producer for the Discovery Channel, another man who is involved in some kind of broadband production, and a lady who appears to be an assistant. As we're escorted in and I begin to hear what they are talking about, another rumor is confirmed which I heard just before I entered: Goodman and his buddy have no affiliation with the Discovery Channel. Instead they are "pitching" not "shooting" a pilot and we were the bait. As this Goodman and his dapper friend talk, they act like everyone in the room knows what's going on, as if they driver's were told all this in the beginning. Meanwhile, everyone I talked to thought we were doing a commercial or pilot for a show that had already been given the go ahead. But the information we got specifically said we would be shooting a Discovery channel pilot. Basically, I felt dupped. The "film" we shot for all I know could end up in somebody's closet. On the other hand, if we're extremely lucky (in my opinion) the Discovery Channel may do something with it. They are talking about launching some kind of Web-based programming, but all is up in the air right now. The whole experience fell woefully short of what we were led to believe. I can't stand dishonesty. And I can't stand people who give you only half of the information or paint the picture in such a way that they give themselves enough wiggle room out of it. In closing, some very trusting people took off work today, lost wages, took vacation time, to come down and have some dudes take some film of their cars for which there is absolutely no guarantee anything will happen. I understand that is true of "pilots" - not everyone of them sees TV time. On the other hand, when you make it sound like you've already bagged a deal, you're a liar in my book. Don't know what to make of this experience. I have mixed feelings and this is why I haven't called the person who invited us. I did end up walking out of the meeting so I never heard what transpired, partly because I could only scrounge up two quarters for parking and didn't want to leave Silver Spring with nothing to show for except a 75.00 parking violation.
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DeJays Saleen
Jun 26th, 2006 @ 6:36 PM

that sucks bro, but i wish the best w/ the footage and who knows... somethng may come of it


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