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Kenne Bell 2.4L Polished Supercharger
Kenne Bell Big Oval Single Blade Throttle Body
Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump
GKN Level 5 Half Shafts
15 & 20 lb. Pulleys
SCT Exalibur 2 Tuner
SCT Chip
2800mm SCT MAF
60 lb injectors
Lightning Performance Heat Exchanger
Lightning Performance Intercooler Reservoir
LBC Cylinder 7-8 cooling upgrade
Meziere Electric Water Pump
NOS 150 HP Wet Kit
NOS Purge Illuminator
NOS Remote Bottle Opener
NOS RPM Switch
NOS Bottle Warmer
Bassani Headers
Bassani Offroad X-Pipe
Bassani Aft Cat
UPR Blu Thunder Shifter
UPR Cold Air Intake
UPR Idler Pulley and Bracket Kit
UPR Speed Release Quadrant and Double Lock Firewall Adjuster Kit
Ford 2000 Cobra R Wheels 18x9.5 w/Bridgestone Potenza
Custom Tuning Superchip
Cobalt Illuminated Guages
- Voltz, Boost, Nitrous, A/F, Fuel Pressure
Cobalt C2 Tach and Shift Light
Stearing Column and tripod - Gauge housing
UPR Tach Mount
H&R Race Springs
Spec 3 Clutch



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“” Add CommentIf I could have ranked you higher I would have, but the best I could is a 10.

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looking great!

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Nice ponie you have.... looks great....keep up the good work

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