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updated: Sep 9th 2006 @ 10:31 PM
I picked this car up in '98 as an early graduating High School present to myself!  I had been searching for months for a 5.0, and saw an add in the paper that caught my eye.  I called the guy up, and my grandfather and I drove down to look at it.  I loved it, and made the guy an offer later that day.  I picked it up that following Monday, and Ive been addicted to Stangs ever since!
Here is a pic of her the day I brought her home.  Its not my style, but I knew what I had to work with...
She was my daily driver for the remainder of High School, and all 4 years of college.  I picked her up with 42,000 on the clock, and she now has over 120,000.  Mods were almost none existant through college due to me having to pay for everything.  School came first, and it landed me a job that allowed me to purchase my '03 GT and work on this ol' girl as a project car.  She is still driven at least 3 days a week, and has started her progression from an everyday Fox to an all out street/strip car.  Go on to the next page for mods, and current pics.

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got ya ranked.love the stang. plz check mine out and return the fav.

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got ya ranked.sweet stang.plz return the fav.

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need you alls vote in the face off catagory if you dont mind.


Thanks in advance for your support.

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