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2003 Mach 1

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Here's my 2003 Zinc Yellow Mach 1. It is mostly stock, but I have added a few things to personalize it, along with a couple of things to increase the drivability and performance. I've really enjoyed this car and nothing is more exciting (well maybe 1 or 2 things come close) than rowing through the gears on long road trips. And peering over that shaker scoop just never grows old! This car has been to the 40th Anniversary show in Nashville TN, All-Ford show in Carlisle PA, Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach SC, various MCA shows, local cruise nights and car shows, and just regular nights on the town.
                             IAC restrictor plate
                           -   Hurst pro-billet shifter
                           -   Hurst t-handle shifter knob
                             Hurst chrome stick
                              Ford pleated rubber shifter boot 
                           -   Shaker scoop raised 1/4 inch 
                           -   black shock tower covers 
                           -    brushed aluminum 'mach 1' scuff plates
                              CDC 'mach 1' floor mats
                              CDC rear honeycomb tail panel
                           -   Bullitt pedals
                           -    brushed aluminum shifter trim ring
                           -    brushed alumunum door lock pins
                           -   Explicit Auto aluminum retro gauge rings
                           -    MGW satin silver headlight knob
                           -    MGW satin silver tilt lever
                           -   MGW satin silver wiper knob
                              MGW satin silver A/C knobs
                              MGW satin silver e-brake handle
                              MGW satin silver rear cupholder trim ring
                              MGW satin silver radio knob
                              MGW 'mach 1' license plate holder 
                              machined aluminum front cupholder delete cover
                           -    machined aluminum coin holder delete cover
                              'mach 1' VIN/build date ID plate
                              trunk cargo net
                              'mach 1' no-slip trunk mat
                           -    embossed pony trunk deck lid cover
                             4.6 hi-po emblems 
                             Graphic-Express widened hood stripe
                             Graphic-Express lower rear valance blackout stripe
                           -   machined aluminum 'pony' intake plug
                           -   MRT hood struts
                             Web-Electric sequential turn signals 
                             'mach 1... you lost' third brake light cover 
                             'mach 1' warning sticker
                           -   'objects in mirror are losing' sticker
                           -    yellow fuzzy dice

Check out my pics below. Also check out my other pages to see my two other Mustangs and my tribute to Steve McQueen. In the meantime keep your ride - rubber side down and shiny side up. Later...

'Mach 1' scuff plates

Hurst shifter with chrome stick, t-handle and rubber boot


hood stripe and shaker scoop

turn your head and cough?... no, these are only the fuzzy dice


trunk interior pony cover



$$$   dance that pole... round 'n round... bend way over... 'n drop it down   $$$
32V DOHC aluminum block, and the shaker of course



[ click to enlarge ]

[ click to enlarge ]dyno graph, completely stock right down to the air filter - pulled 274 rwhp


[ click to enlarge ]

[ click to enlarge ]spotted an old mach so I had to snap some pics


[ click to enlarge ] 

[ click to enlarge ]Mach1s and Bulllitts at the 40th Anniversary Show in Nashville


[ click to enlarge ]Entering the Nashville Speedway, a shot of my car from a Canadian Mach1

[ click to enlarge ]

[ click to enlarge ]Scott Hoag, formerly of Team Mustang, signing my car at the 40th Show in Nashville


[ click to enlarge ]Mach1s invade the Corvette Museum! no Corvettes came out to play, HA!

[ click to enlarge ] Zinc Yellow Mach 1s at 2006 All-Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA

[ click to enlarge ]  2006 All-Ford Nationals in Calisle, PA...  group shot at hotel... over forty three 03-04 Mach 1s made the show

 [ click to enlarge ] My Mach and its twin at a MCA show
 [ click to enlarge ]Mach1 leading my other Mustangs in pony stampede... giddyup!


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HO,HO,HO-Illinois got more snow

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You can keep the rain, the ice, the snow

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