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updated: Mar 3rd 2008 @ 12:14 PM
Here's a video of Brandon using my wing as a roller blade launch platform. lol Click here for the video.
Mugg was taking some Black & Whites of our rides and they came out pretty cool.
They had already turned the lights out at the track so Mugg couldn't get tweety's ride in the pic but in the far it CL's ride, the Mugg's in the middle and Mine. Tweet's just out of pic beside mine.
Here's my first run that I got NO traction on. Track was extremely cold!! Thanks for taking this pic. Mugg11.

Thanks CrimsonBlack for the Mag Cover. Now if only I could make it happen. lol

How you like the GS Logo 43" X 6"?

Thanks to Hrspwrbrat for making this for me. If you want to see more or just see if she can do one for you just check out her site.


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