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blog Thursday, December 06, 2007 @ 2:14 PM

So, everyone already knows that I was in a car accident back in October.  Baby was fine, yadda yadda, ect.  Ellie Mustang went to the shop last Monday to be fixed.  Keep in mind this was all on the other kids' dime.  I was told she'd be done on Wednesday, but a few things with the replacement side mirror took longer than expect so I would be able to get her on Friday.  However, Friday DH had misplaced my bank card, so we figured we'd just get her on Saturday.  NO.  It snowed on Saturday AND Sunday, plus the shop was closed.  And ontop of that, Monday the entire Kitsap County was flooded out, so there was no way I'd ever get my car that way.  Tuesday I went in and paid for it, and told them I'd come back Wednesday night and pick her up.  They said that was fine.
So, I pulled in with Brenden about 5pm last night - grab my keys and go out to my car.  I have a quite expensive alarm system in this car, complete with remote locks/trunk/ect.  Well, my alarm wasn't set for one thing.  I wasn't too bothered since the dealer lot is always locked up and blocked with cars at night's end.  I pressed my "Unlock" button, and my lights flashed, horn beeped, and I pulled at the door handle.  It didn't open.  I figured I probably hit the wrong button again, so this time I watched both my hand and the lever in the door.  It didn't budge.

Keep in mind - I work at Sears Auto Center.  I deal with A-Holes all day who say we "broke their car", when all we did was air up their tires.  Or suddenly their headlights don't work when we changed their oil.  Or their head gasket blew when we fixed a flat.  So, I knew that getting mad at these guys wasn't going to help the situtation.  It really takes working in retail to understand the frustrations that the workers have to go through when you get hysterical on them. [Please, take this as a hint.  Being calm leads to the problem being fixed faster..]

So, I calmly walked back inside and said "Uhm, My doors won't unlock."  The manager overheard that and asked what happened.  I told him my FOB didn't work anymore, and I couldn't get my drivers door open. [I have white leather, and like HELL I was going to climb over the seat to get into my car.]  He asked for my key and for the FOB.  We walked out to my car and he tried to open with the remote.  It didn't move.  So, I gave him the door key. [91 Mustangs came with two different keys, for those that don't know]  He was able to open the door with the key, however when he shut the door again and locked it with the remote - it "locked", except the door pin didn't move from the unlocked position.  So, he tried the unlock key again, and it made a HORRIBLE grinding noise!!  He pressed it about three more times, it kept making the horrible noise and said "Well, my techs are all gone.  But we'll get it looked at tomorrow."

I purposely didn't give them the door key when I gave them my car the first time, just incase something like this happened.  They couldn't say that my remote didn't work when I brought it in, because without it - they wouldn't have a way to get into my car.  They replaced the power mirror on that side, and I think they probably F-d up the wiring to my door lock.  I'm about to give them a call and ask WTF is going on with it.  I was hoping to get this car out of the elements and into heated storeage soon.  Ugggh...

But in better news: The body work looks GREAT!!

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Dec 6th, 2007 @ 3:19 PM

Aggggh.  And so I get a call from the body shop saying that the reason my door locks were f-d up was because the aftermarket actuator that the car audio place installed [Back in september], is bending all my door rods and things out of place.  So, now I have to take the car down to the place that did the alarm and have THEM look at it.

88 Fox Saleen
Dec 6th, 2007 @ 9:18 PM


yeah, it sucks to have to deal with all these little annoying things but Ellie will soon be better then before. glad she came out looking nice!


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