Bought a new mustang today
Such a sad, sad day.
Time to sell the mustang :(
Final payment on car.
Somebody tried to break into my Stang!!!

More updates from GirlzGT's garage!

blog Monday, January 01, 2007 @ 10:19 PM

Well, ALOT has happened since my last update, and I don't know where to begin. (long read...im sorry)
     Lets start with my HP Blower Cams purchased from GS member Mug11.  I bought these cams from him for $325.  He told me they were billet custom grinds.  It was a great deal...so i thought.  Later I find out, he ripped me off, by selling me "re-grinds" that were not billet at all.  I bring this to his attention, and he basically tells me to "deal with it", and there was nothing he could do, He also said "he didnt know" blah blah....and to just sell them if i dont like them.   I could have just sold them, but there is 2 problems with that.  #1 is, thats not the point.  I was lied to and taken advantage of.  Way to go Mug11, I hope you feel good about yourself.  #2, regrinds...if your LUCKY you can get no more than $200 for them.  I got nowhere from him, i contacted him several times, and his 1 response was to stop flaking his PM box on corral.  I have not heard from him since.  well, being that i knew i would get nowhere with him I ended up selling them and taking a big loss.  live and learn i guess.
     For every closed door, one opens right?  So, while looking for new cams, with the little money i got for mine, i stumbled upon a CRAZY deal, that was almost too good to be true.  A brand new, in the box Forged Cobra Crankshaft for just $325!!  These new, cost over $600 shipped.  Now, i know i was going to stick with the stocker, but i couldn't pass up the deal, so I bought it.  It set me back a bit as far as cams go, but, since im putting all this money into the car, why cut corners or cheap out on something like that.  Perhaps an omen?  Can you say "more boost"
Oh, and by the way, i didnt get ripped off...the crank arrived as advertised!
     Now, After dropping the crank off to the builder...I was supposed to take some more money to them, but...yet ANOTHER deal fell into my lap.  I was able to pick up a slightly used PA Racing tubular K-Member, A brand spanking new Intake Manifold with aluminum cross over (mine didnt have one), and an 11" Cobra Flywheel for just $400 thanks to Ron, a local GS Member "redstang".  This K-Member would have cost me $400 shipped new!!  So i basically got the intake and flywheel for free!!!!
     Anywho....I updated PAGE 9 of my site with about 30 more pictures of all the new parts, as well as the K-member install.  Check it out, and sorry for boring you!!
Welp....The time has come, and its starting to sink in.
Such a sad, sad day.
Time to sell the mustang :(
Your not going to believe this!! MUST SEE!!
My Wheels + Tires are on Ebay!
Havin some fun...
The Addiction....
Long Time, No Update...
Carlisle Pictures are up!
Well, I'm Back from Carlisle!

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Jan 2nd, 2007 @ 12:51 PM


Damn, that sucks about the cams but hey looks like you got it turned around!! Great job on the build so far!!


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