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My Trip to Mernards...a Mustang Heaven

blog Thursday, May 25, 2006 @ 9:32 PM

In search of an alternator harness no longer available by Ford or Mustang parts dealers, I was given a lead to call a place call Mernards in Chester NH.  A familar name, I've actually heard of this place before from many Mustang people..some as far away as CT, while others two towns away in Manchester have all known Mernards as a Mustang Heaven with hundreds of Mustangs and thousands of parts.  anything you could possible need for a fox body...would be there.
The lead was given to my by Gladstone Ford in Londonderry, I was surprised when he mentioned mernards,  although I'd heard of Mernards, I was skeptical since I also heard from people that he had sold off most of his stangs and was getting out of the buisness.  That was the biggest reason why I never pursued this place for parts or help in my 5.0 swap. 
I made the call, and they did have the harness I was look for; so made time to get down there later that day.
...when I got there...wow was I surprised!  ...this was a Mustang Heaven
over 150 fox body stangs
over 25 complete 5.0 engines w/ accesories brackets and all!
boxes and boxes of harness, labled for every year
shelves of headights, center consoles and more!
After talking with him he told me he has bins of bolts for everything you could be looking for...wish I had known when I broke the water pump bolts...
He also let me know about the fuel sending unit is different on 5.0 cars, and if it's changed then no modification to dash wiring would be needed....I've read of many people doing swaps how have riped out their dash over this problem!
He knew exactly what harness work on what years....and it's not a "loose" as some say...like any air bag car 90-93 is the same...they are wrong.  90 is a stand alone year, while 92 and 93 are the same...etc
Wow, what a place!  I couldn't beleive the parts and knowledge I seen today...wow
He informed me that he's doing buisness today based on repeat customers, and not advertising for allot of work.  But, the good news is, I found this place and I know where to find anything I'll ever need for my stang!
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May 26th, 2006 @ 12:06 AM

Very nice! How many days til that thing is on the road?

May 26th, 2006 @ 7:10 AM

Thats great you found a place like that!!! Are you bringing your Stang to Woodward? I would love to see it!!!!


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