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blog Wednesday, May 31, 2006 @ 8:43 PM

No work on the stang Monday...J had an episode
he was in extreme pain (stomach) and couldn't even drive!  So he pulled over and laid down in the grass...and couldn't even last long enough for me to get there...so he took an ambulance to the hospital near his work and I met up with him there.  Turns out it was a kidney stone..and luckily he's ok now!!!  kinda funny...we went to get his car and he lost his keys...and they were in the grass by his stang the whole time!  Imagine if somone found those keys!  omg!
The tranny/speed shop has my stang scheduled for Monday...they should finish it that day
So; I have through the weekend to finish up my end.  Good thing cause I'm getting physically and mentally exhausted!!!  Sooo many little things to do, and I get frustrated when I get to a point where I need to ask for help. 
Like today I went to install my new flow tech unequal headers...easy right?
besides it was getting dark, I think a few bolts were not 100% straight, and I couldn't see good...and...whatever I'm girl!   so enough, I'm waiting for J's help with the headers, they're heavy when leaning over the car!  (btw; the BBK equals from Charlie don't fit...they're from 94/95 and I think they're design is a bit bigger than the 87/93 era...if anyone needs some and they have a 94 or 95 302 let me or onebad95 know!)


(I'm not done with teh upper radiator hose...it needs to be cut down to size to fit better)

Here's what left!
(the list is getting shorter...right?) 
  1. Finish Install on the upper radiator hose (needs to be shortened) & Add Coolant
  2. Install front bumper and driver side fender (need to fix a rust/broken bolt near the bottom) & Inner fender 
  3. Install Headers
  4. Install Mass Air and Cold air kit

    Monday (firm schedule!):   stuff I'm planning to have done by a speed/tranny shop where they have tools and a lift. 

      1. Install fuel lines and fuel pump & sending unit 
      2. Remove old Exhaust & Install Flowmaster exhaust
      3. TPS sensor adjusutment
      4. TV Cable Install w/ bracket w/ throttle cable (tv cable adjustment-VERY IMPORTANT TO LEAVE TO PROFESSIONALS!)
      5. Switch Shifters 
      6. Service AOD -add fluid and filter change
      7. Fix Tranny lines 
      8. Fix e-brake
      9. They'll also put the fan on and fan shroud, I'd waste my time doing it since it would be in their way.


    Connect Battery and Plug in ECU

    Check for fuel leaks, oil leaks

    Bleed Coolant of air

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May 31st, 2006 @ 9:37 PM


I say leave the radiator hose the way it is!  You dont see something like that everyday!  Even better, cut the hood so you can make it stick out!

Just kidding.  Hope you get it together soon.  Its only been like 6 years, and Im ready to see what it looks like done.


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