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blog Wednesday, May 24, 2006 @ 10:38 PM

Tuesday night my dad trailer'd the stang back home
over the weekend we'll be finishing up the few odds and ends...
and there's a few things I'm going to leave to the professions w/ their lift and top end tools
Right now I'm looking on solving a missing alternator wiring harness....
-->if you can tell me where the alternator harness connecs to the engine or chassis harness- please tell me!  I do have a fuse link left unused near the starter relay, and I'm pretty sure it would plug into the fuse link...
-->or if you have one can you take a picture of it?
I also have a sensor or plug on the power steering tubing...I have no idea where the plug is for that...or if I need it, so if you have this plug and can take a picture for me...
well, besides that things are going well, we got a busy weekend, trying very hard to get most of this done
check list:
  1. Heatercore hoses
  2. Finish remaining vacume lines
  3. Find an alternator wiring harness...
  4. plug in remaining wiring
  5. put oil in the engine or make a tag 
  6. Plug PCV Plug off
  7. Install Upper intake
  8. Install ECU
  9. Modify fuel pump wiring
  10. Install 140mph gauge cluster
  11. Install Distributor Cap, Spark Plugs and  Spark Plug wire
  12. Install Mass Air and Cold air kit
  13. Install Radiator w/ hoses
  14. Install front bumper and driver side fender
  15. Remove Throttle Cable /Install new throttle cable
  16. add antifreeze
  17. add power steering fluid
  18. Trailer to Tranny/Speed shop for the following:
    1. fix the tranny lines...if we can't by the weekend is over
    2. Install fuel lines and fuel pump 
    3. Install Flowmaster exhaust
    4. TV Cable Install & adjustment
    5. Switch Shifter w/ Mustang Hammer Shifter 
    6. Service AOD w/ fluide and filter change
    7. Install Headers 
    8. Fix e-brake
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May 25th, 2006 @ 8:23 PM

u have a busy weekend ahead of u Nicole but i hope it goes well


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