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Ragtop Introduction

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Welcome to the website for my 1987 Ragtop V8 LX Mustang.
I never intended for my $2300 purchase to become what you will take a look at on my web-pages. The car was planned on the basics  - wheels, tires, needed repairs, just fix the broken interior parts, etc. - what most people would normally do to a daily driver/cruiser.
Unfortunately several of the motor heads on GS had plans for their own cars that influenced me to do a bit more. They were busy trading secrets, and somehow that crap gets under the skin and irritates like an infected sore. Nicole was wrenching a plain ol four-banger into a princesses ride. Wendy's feeling up a turbo charged fox dumping looks and power all over the pavement. Boss91's got a supercharged GT that he's detailing and YsOffcr is throwin' cobra parts like candy onto his GT exterior. What's a poor sap like myself suppose to do? Jeezus... A guy can only take so much motor madness before you're sucked in like a kid in an expensive candy store.  
Thanks to these knuckleheads and a few others I now drive a car that I really enjoy and have completed the majority of the work myself. I have learned a lot about the fox body Mustang and met some great people here in the process. I wish I could meet them in person, but the internet is a great way to meet folks from everywhere. A special thanks to them for the inspiration and desire to be so much more.
I know my 87 is no Roush or Saleen stuffed with a kick ass blower. But in these pages you will see what some hard work and a few quality parts (junkyard & late model restoration) can do to create a great cruising machine and a car with taking to cruises to be shown. I hope you enjoy the pictures and what I have done to the car.  Thank you for the time to take a look. Opinions are welcome good and bad.
The exterior has gotten a major restoration. The externals include a new set of headlights with clear sides. New  LX taillights, Oxford white paint, the Cervini 2.5" Cobra "R" Hood, a set of Cobra "R"  wheels; rear lx decklid, and a Cervini rear spoiler round out the list. You can see the changes in the two images below. Click the link for the exterior section. The headlights were already done on the before picture.  CLICK HERE for the Exterior Section to see the new paint, parts and wheels. 



The rear of the car went somewhat retro dumping the GT style taillights and returning to the LX lenses. The addition of a notch decklid and Cervini rear spoiler kicks off a splendid change. The fresh paint changes the cars appearance to maybe a 90's style fox body - no black ring around the belly. The Cobra R clones from OE Wheels are simply spectacular. What a shine. The pictures within display the exterior area showing the changes that have taken place.  CLICK HERE for the exterior page.
The engine bay was the last area to go make-over. The biggest change  came in September of 2007. Despite the great condition you see in the picture on the right the ol 5.0 is still stock with the exception of the Cold Air Intake. Some parts were painted, powdercoated, harnesses re-routed, engine bay repainted and some working bling too. She been stripped to the block and resealed several months ago. She runs on the finest Mobile One synthetic motor oil to keep the stock 180,000+ mile block in excellent working order. But with so many miles the addition of any power adders really isn't feasible for the old girl. She's looking pretty good these days. Definitely a cruise as well as eye catcher.  CLICK HERE to view my engine page.
The interior was as drastic a change as the other areas. Probably the most noticeable going from beige to black & white. The first make-over brought me to an all black interior, but it lacked depth or detail. So, I built a second set of door panels, with embroidered running pony, and scattered a few custom painted white pieces around to break things up. Black kickplates from latemodelrestoration were bought for that maximum appearance. Used black door handles were bought. The painted pieces continued to peel from rubbing and body sweat when bare legs touched them. Please take a few minutes to check out the interior page for more images. Yes, those are black/white seat covers over the all black vert seats. The cockpit's appearance is more stylish than it's all black original conversion theme.I really want some high back GT seats if I can ever find a pair in good condition. CLICK HERE to see the completed interior look.

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Feb 16th, 2008 @ 8:44 AM


Where did you get your one wire alternator from. How many amps is it? Are you happy with it?

Feb 9th, 2008 @ 11:15 AM


Great Fox, and A Great Website, I Really Like The Cobra R Hood and Custom Door Panels. Great Work

Jan 31st, 2008 @ 6:30 PM


damn clean car, nice headunit as well, got the same one. got my dime, stop by and return the favor.

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